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I felt really stupid when after spending close to one hour at an eatery inside school, Mmasinachi didn’t show up. My roommate who I had been pouring scorn on Chimamanada’s plan started laughing at me. It was this mild laughter that tells everyone around that you’ve done something really sills.


“Can we start going now,” he stood up and said in between laughter.

“Let’s waiting a few more minutes; I have a feeling that she’ll show up.”

“You know I’ve lost all the respect I have for you in the past few days. You claim you’re an expert in matters of woman, but you’re just a learner.”

I ignored Obiora as I picked my phone from the table and started making a call.

“I suppose you’re calling your ancestors to have them teach you a thing or two. Ha-ha! You’ve lost this bet. Enter lodge make you give me my money joor!” he said as he started leaving.The moment I turned to see how far Obiora has gone, I saw Mmasinachi walk into Chitis like she was looking for someone. “Goodness gracious!”


I exclaimed as I started dialing Obiora’s number. The phone rang for a while but the moment he picked up he hastily said, “Guy, please leave me alone; it’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve got plans!” Saying those words, he hung up. While he was talking, I was able to shout into my mouthpiece, “Mmasinachi is here!” Whether he heard me or not I could not tell.

As I stood up, I became jittery watching the Reading Princess walk into Chitis in calculated steps. She was looking around as she walked to a fridge, pulled out a bottle of water and went to an attendant to pay.
Just then I said, “Hello,” from behind.
Hello to you too,” she turned. “Oh, you again!”

“Oh, she remembers the young man who would’ve given anything to sit on her lap.”
“You’re kind of hard to forget; with your dreadlocks and of course, your annoying demeanor,”

“Here we go again! Her majesty has started throwing shots at me.”

“Please I came here to see someone but I suppose he has gone. So I’ll quietly pay for my water and be on my way.”


“This someone you came to see, do you know what he looks like, or is it a she?”

She hesitated for a moment and said, “Of course, I know what he looks like. W-w-why would I be looking for someone I don’t know what he looks like?” she stammered.”

Well, that someone may just be me. And, of course, you know what I look like. Hope you like the content of the hamper I sent to your room.”

She froze for a moment and then said, “You! That’s not possible! You’re the one that sent…”

Yes, I’m the one that had a Valentine hamper delivered to your room; the secret admirer!”

“My goodness, how did you know my room? Have you been stalking me?”

“I’m not sure stalking is the word you're looking for. If I remember correctly, the first time we met, you told me you’re in Pharmacy and when I asked for your level, you said it’s a small world and that I should…”

“Well, I really appreciate your effort at finding me, but I must leave now.”
“Can we sit just for a minute?”

Come on, it’s Valentine’s day and…”
She moved to the closest seat and sat down while looking at her wristwatch. You have an extra ten minutes, I’ve given you ten already.”


“Should I order for anything?”
“One minute gone.”

“On a more serious note, I did craze things while trying to find you. Would you believe I attended lecture for a whole week in Pharmacy block while I was looking for you?”

“Is that how important finding me is to you?” she started blushing.

“It’s much more important than that. In fact, If my friend who left the minute you walked in had seen you it would’ve meant a lot to me.”

“Oh, you’ve started bragging about me to your friends even when you hardly know me?”
“I’ll like you to give me the opportunity of knowing you.”

“I guess the big question now is 'would I want to be known by you'?”

“You won’t regret it I promise.”
“What’s that your name again?” she asked.
The moment I told her my name, she smiled and said she would think about my proposal.”

She made it sound like I had just asked her to marry me. “Please I need you to get back to me ASAP. It’s very important to my winning in life.”

“It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’ve got plans,” she looked at her wristwatch as she stood up to leave.

“How do I stay in-touch with you? I would really love to.”

She gave me a phone number and thereafter, she leaned towards me and said, ‘That’s my Whatsapp line; by that I mean, you can’t get me on voice call because that line is practically inactive but I’ll respond to your messages as they come in.’

The few minutes I spent with Mmasinachi that evening made me feel good. Each time I talk to her it’s like there is a kindred spirit between us; just like I’ve known her all my life.


Going home that evening, I wasn’t sure my roommate would believe Mmasinachi showed up. Then, it was three days to the end of our bet and I want you, the reader, to decide who won the bet. If you can give at least one reason for your choice I’ll appreciate it.