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Although she gave me mere twenty minutes of her time. When I got to my lodge at Hilltop, there was this inner fulfillment I had. It was the kind of feeling one has after being with the right company especially of the opposite sex. We didn’t talk much but I went home feeling like I had said more than a zillion words to her.

It was like we were at that eatery all day. As I hurried home to share the experience with my roommate, Obiora, he was nowhere to be found. I dialed his number to know where he was but we couldn’t communicate__the background where he picked his call was noisy. A love song was ‘blazing’ from what I supposed were giant speakers.


Hearing Bruno Mars’-Marry You- reminded me that that was Valentine’s Day. Here was I coming from a supposed Valentine date gone wrong and my roommate still out there having mad fun with God knows who.

I smiled as I remembered how I had previously celebrated Valentine. Wait a minute, I know it’s wrong to say that, as a Muslim, I celebrate Valentine. Well, as a learned person, I celebrate the idea behind Valentine but I have to also point out that I had been a Christian.

Remember that after my dad passed on at a London hospital, I had to go and live with my maternal grandparents who introduced me to Christianity even though I went to boarding school and became more of an atheist. I suppose atheist have no business celebrating the Christian ceremony___

Valentine, but with Mmasinachi, I was ready to celebrate anything.


I had thought that the bet was what motivated me into going to look for Mmasinchi after our first meeting at Freedom Square, the day she snubbed the hell out of me; but when on the day I tricked her into coming to meet me at Chitis, something in me resurrected afterwards.

Lying down on the mattress in my room, I couldn’t help but think about what we could become. I knew the possibility of her falling in love with me was slim; I was ready to take the long shot.

You may call it infatuation or love at false (or is it first sight?) The only thing I was completely sure of was how I felt after meeting her; I had never felt that way with any girl. And, trust me, I have been around a lot of girls. I was completely beguiled by her brain and her beauty. And that’s what I had always wanted____ a girl that would provoke my intellect as much as she arouses my loins.

After what seemed like countless number of minutes lying down, I stood up from the bed and entered our en suite bathroom to have my bath. When I came out, I saw my roommate lying on the mattress with his shoes on.


I gave up trying to have a conversation with him when I perceived the stench of alcohol oozing out of his breath. I don’t like alcohol (or should I say, beer?) but I tolerated Obiora’s occasional drunkenness because he was a nice guy. One common thing about people who are drunk is that they are always vulnerable in that state.

I started removing Obiora’s shoe when it occurred to me that I could use that opportunity to make him forfeit the bet which he seemed to be on the verge of winning. I needed to get him say on record that he doesn’t care about the bet anymore, so I picked my smart phone from our reading table and began to record our conversation.
“Obiora you obviously had a good day.”

“How was the Valentine celebration?”

I slapped him on the shoulder twice before he jerked to consciousness.

“W-W-What is it bro?” he stammered.
“How are you?”


“I feel great! Greater! greatest!” he said excitedly.

“I eventually met Mmasinachi.”
“Who’s Mmasinachi?”

“The girl we made a bet on nah! Have you forgotten?”

Smiles and says something incoherent. Then I heard something that sounded like, “I sexed her in a public toilet!”

At this point I stopped recording. “What did you say? You had sex with who?”
“M-M-Mmasinachi,” he stammered.

“Don’t be stupid!” I slapped him on the cheek.

“Stupid! Stupider! Stupidest!”
“My goodness, I’ve told you to stop drinking! How did you even come home?”
“Your late father drove me home,” his speech began to slur.

“Okay, you’ve got jokes. Just so you know, I saw Mmasinachi today!” I said excitedly. “She gave me her phone number.”

I think we should all keep our money; it’s a win-win situation. Let call it a draw or maybe…”


How do you think these two characters will settle their situation in the morning?
Be d judge, who won the bet?