in STEEM NIGERIA6 months ago

Once I thought life was all about waking up every morning and just getting along with all the agenda for the day. I never really knew there was more to life than just the surface.

I had a neighbor who was always unhappy. For once,I thought her unhappiness was a product of poverty. Life is deep. Way deeper than you could ever imagine.

I could not get close to her but I could draw closer to her daughter, the only person that seemed to ever made her smile.

Sometimes bitterness is kept inside because there is no one to pour it out to. The harbourer would rather die inside than share his pains with hypocrites who would mockingly sympathize with him.


What does a four year old know? It doesn't make any sense asking what was really wrong with her mother. But there's nothing bad about trying. How on Earth could someone be this sad, like everyday of her life.

I kept watching them from afar and I was surprised at how I picked interest in something that was not my business. But everyone deserves some happiness. So I wasn't so mad at myself afterall.

There were many failed attempts to walk up to the young girl and at least initiate a conversation. I did not want a transfer of aggression but what can a four year old do? I kept contemplating.

One day, I was in my room and I heard a shout from the next flat. I drew closer to the window to at least see or hear what was amidst. All I could hear was the voice of the little girl I had been trying to speak to. She was just uttering two words repetitively; Sorry mum! Sorry mum!

I suddenly remembered a book that I read at the beginning of that year. Someone could die not because of sickness but something that hurts slowly; Emotional Trauma. But who and what is making this woman traumatized?

She's the only Adult living in that house except her small daughter. Perhaps there's something I need to know because this woman really needs help.

At this point, my heart skipped and I was afraid that perhaps, the reason for her unhappiness is more than what I thought it was.

It was deeper, more serious and not something to keep pushing away.
I will talk to the little girl tomorrow, I told myself...