Steem Inspiration Contest| How I Solved A Problem.

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When I saw this contest topic, I was immediately reminded about how much we can change situations just by providing solution to the problems around us. So here is my own story about how I solved a problem and how that act of solving problem helped me in a profitable manner.

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It was my first year in college and my parents did not have much to support me with, raising school fee was enough reason to get them bothered in the first place and then trying to send money to my siblings and I was not a thing they could comfortably afford at all. When I got into school, I was faced with lots of things we needed to pay for and I definitely knew that calling my parents was not going to solve the problem since it would push them into more debts.

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As at that time in my hostel, it was difficult for people to get affordable drinking water and so I decided to get a way to purchase water in bulk from suppliers who delivered it directly into my room so anyone who wanted to purchase water could come to buy from my room, I also added an option of making delivery to those who could not come down to my room but of course at an extra charge.

Within a short period, I became the major distributor for sachet water in my hostel and some retailers were even coming to buy from me. At that point, I was able to provide solution to the water issue in my hostel and it also gave me a good way to earn as well. After some time, I decided to expand my business to sell more than just sachet water, I began to sell soft drinks as well and doing well in that field as well made me very popular in school and it also did some good to my pockets.

After some time, I did not have the need to call my parents for financial support anymore because I was able to provide most of the things I needed for myself (since I am not an extravagant person) and it gave my parents the opportunity to focus more on the needs of my siblings. When I was graduating from college, I won an award as the best entrepreneur of the year and at that point, I knew that there was no limit to achievements as long as we set our minds to it and from that moment I realized that it was possible to make something good for ourselves just by providing solutions.


Eso es realmente solucionar un problemas sin causar mas repercusiones como deudas y demás si no que fue una solución con beneficios a futuro.

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