How I solved a Problem

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I was a teacher then in a school. My landlady had told me she wanted me to be taking her children lessons in the afternoon, especially her son as he was not doing too well in his studies at school.

The first day I taught them, it was really difficult to get this child to work as he was already familiar with me. When I saw this, I decided to be a bit more strict with him and he adjusted.
Subsequently, when I started teaching him, I discovered he was really lagging. I tried all the simple methods I could use but he was still not getting it. I was almost frustrated.

So one day I decided to download aiding videos on my phone from YouTube. I had downloaded series of videos on the subjects I was taking him. For someone who doesn't like work, he was always eager to come for lessons. He loved the video and little by little, he started improving in his work. He started becoming better and I leveraged on the video to teach him better.
I was really happy he improved and his mum was so happy as well.

As a trained teacher I have learnt that a lot of people we call dullards might not be actually, they just need a better approach to study and work. But it's quite challenging though to be able to detect which method works for which kids but it is good that we admit individual differences in children, allow them learn at their own pace and try our possible best that they become better.

The picture there is a picture of my niece and nephew.
Thanks to @supo1 for this opportunity.

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Teachers are try. It is difficult to teach some children because children has their differences. Thanks for sharing.