A determined man

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A person works as a cook in 5star hotel in Lagos. He was somewhat flirty person. He used to have lot of girlfriend all at once when I last knew him.

His parents discovered a girl for him. He met the young lady and both concurred on marriage.

Not many month after the fact not long before engagement young lady got incapacitated. Her half body quit working.

So everybody expected including young lady family that he would by know mean marry her. That there thought. Since he can have other better freedoms to pick lifepartner. Indeed, even the mans family likewise regeted the young lady now.

So here comes the man. He went her home to see her. After have a nice time with the young lady, he returned home and said to his parent and all family that he get married to that young lady. Regardless of what amount of time it will require to recover her health. He will stand by. Possibly he will marry her or possibly he won't ever marry.

His parent find stunned from his solution. They attempted to persuade him yet he unequivocally remain by her.

At long last his parent concurred on his will.

Young lady family wasn't exactly rich enough to deal with her medical expenses. So, he took care of her. It required total two years to get her fit.

So, at last they got married last October.