Cherish my country more

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Actually no words to depict Mr. and Mrs. Badmus

I'm composing this with overflowed eyes with tears however hold my tears to not fall. No better model would be there to depict this genuine love.

You said you love me, however the truth of the matter is you cherished the country more. I'm truly pleased. We as a whole love you. The manner in which you love everybody is totally unique since you forfeited your life for individuals who you might have never met, yet at the same time you chose to give your life for them. You are a particularly courageous man. I'm exceptionally regarded to have you as my husband. I'll cherish you till my final breath. I owe my life to you," she said, keeping down tears.

Clearly an ideal illustration of woman empowered, before his martyr spouse giving this hearted speech is truly distinguished and unprecedented.