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This is a story of a successful man who has faced so many problems in life. And he never stopped himself to do he wants to do. His name was Milton. He was a son of a cleaner. The cleaner mostly clean the road and hardly can afford food for his kids. Milton has four more siblings and they were hand to mouth. One day Milton's father died and he became apart from her siblings. His mother passed away when he was born and Milton was the youngest child of the cleaner.

Milton was only eight years old when he lost his father and he started doing child labor for his food. One day a kind person hired him to serve tea on his tea stall and days were going good for a month. One day police caught the kind person for hiring a child for working on his tea stall. After releasing the kind person request Milton to go away. Milton lost his job and now again he was looking for a job for his food.

Milton started polishing shoes to earn money and buy foods. After eight years when he was just sixteen years old he met a girl on the street selling flowers. They become friends and the girl often bring foods from home for Milton. The girl was very kind and helpful. Milton loved to taste her cooking. The girl had a mom who was ill and she sold flowers to buy medicines for her mom. She shared her life story to Milton and he was pity on her. One day the girl lost her mom as she died for illness.

Milton get married with the girl and they started their business of street foods. At the beginning it was very hard and there was no support from people. Sometimes they were ran out of money but they never gave up and keep continued their food business. After facing so many ups and downs finally they afford to run a business of big hotel where they served food for people and people became fan of their food.

One day a foreigner came to Milton's Hotel to have some foods and he find this food awesome and he offered a job of chef in his hotel in Abu Dhabi. Milton said that he don't want to go anywhere without his family so the foreigner bring him and his wife together. They were scared to believe the stranger but he was a nice person and pay good salary to Milton. Milton's days are changed now, he is now a successful chef in Abu Dhabi. Milton faced many problems and up and downs but he finally achieved success.

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