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As long as the earth remains, there will always be a problem to solve. People are successful in one business or the other, they became successful because they were able to solve a problem. Mark Zuckerberg finds out there is a problem that was needed to be solved, he decided to create a platform that would connect people from different locations. Jeff Bezos solved a problem by creating a platform that could connect buyers and sellers. Wealth lies in the problem you can solve. You don't get pay to be a problem rather you get paid to be a solution provider.

Write in detail about the problem you were able to solve and how solved it.


Firsts Place: 5 Steem
Second Place: 3 Steem
Third Place: 2 Steem


  • All entries should not be less than 250 words

  • You must subscribe to this community

  • Entries must be original

  • Entries should be posted first on the community

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #contest, #mystory, and #steeminspiration as one of your first three hashtags

  • Be sure to comment your entry link on this post.

  • The entry can be posted in any language.

Contest ends 2nd August 2021


Let me start warming up for the contest.

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Please show some work ethics.

Hola bendiciones, finísimo el concurso, les contare una de mis experiencias, espera mi participación.


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Friend @si-official, I hope you are well, tomorrow I hope to compete. Thanks 😊