STEEM INSPIRATION CONTEST | An Opportunity To Right My Wrong

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It's good to use every opportunity that to help others because no one knows tomorrow.
@vaibhavsan shared a touching story. You can read the story ( here ) which made me curious to know how the story was going to end but it ended sadly.

There was a man named Mark. Mark was born dumb and he was homeless. Even though Mark was dumb and homeless he still had an indescribable love that those that could speak and some wealthy people don't have. Mark had learned how to read and write when he was young.

Mark didn't have a job but he would go around to find a job. No one would offer him a job because was dumb. He managed to a job, someone hired him to clean his compound. He would use some of his money to feed his fellow homeless and sometimes he would give out his own food to his fellow homeless. One night, snow was falling, Mark had to off his jacket to cover a homeless old man who was freezing. Unfortunately, Mark froze to death. I wish a lot of people have this kind of love.

There are some things we did in our life that we wish we had never done or start it and some things we wish we could have done better.

For the contest:
If you are allowed to right your wrong, what is it you won't have started or done better?


Firsts Place: 10 Steem
Second Place: 6 Steem
Third Place: 4 Steem


  • All entries should not be less than 250 words

  • You must subscribe to this community

  • Entries must be original

  • Entries should be posted first on the community

  • Be sure to use the hashtag #contest, #mystory, and #steeminspiration as one of your first three hashtags

  • Be sure to comment your entry link on this post.

  • The entry can be posted in any language.

I invite @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 to support the participants and the community

Entry should be submitted before the 28, of June @hive-170327


@elizabeth031171 hola amiga , me encanto tu publicación, porque nos demuestras que nunca es tarde para luchar por lo que queremos, éxitos en el concurso.

Hi,Dear @supo1
You have started a very good contest that you have said that you have done wrong and then you try to correct it.

Thank you for this mention @supo1 ☺️.
I would love to participate again.

No dull moment with you sir @supo1
Thanks for the contest


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Inspiring contest sir.
But I couldn't find your community

Click on Steem Inspiration beside my username

Hi Mr. @supo1
Maybe this is not my story, but this story has really inspired me to do always the goodthing and help others, regardless of status, religion, and ethnicity.

Very nice contest. Am willing to pertake in. Thanks @supo1

Gracias por la invitacion @supo1. Muy linda historia.

Hello, me agrada este concurso.!!

Hello I will participate. Greetings 🌼

@supo1 agradecida de haber participado en este concurso,y compartir con ustedes mi experiencia, aquí les dejo mi participación

Hola, @supo1 aca mi ENTRADA gracias por la invitación

Wou esta super bueno el concurso lastima que lo mire tarde :(, les deseo mucha suerte a todos los participantes, éxitos