Steem Inspiration Contest | FEW MINUTES OF MISTAKE

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There are some mistakes we could avoid but didn't because of one reason or the other. Those errors are something that could only take you one or two minutes of your time to avoid but you probably neglected it and eventually lead to regret.

Last week I saw riding a bike to a place but on my way to that place a broke the traffic law because I was in a hurry. Eventually, I was arrested by the traffic officials. I was not able to get to where we going on time because I was delayed. I was delayed and I got to pay some fines. It brought me to a place of lamentation that if I could just be patient for few minutes this won't have happened. @idken shared a touching story of an error that could be prevented with just a minute of action. You can read his story here

For the contest:
Write in detail a mistake you made that could be prevented with few minutes of action that you neglected, which eventually lead to an unfortunate event.


Firsts Place: 10 Steem
Second Place: 6 Steem
Third Place: 4 Steem

Contest Rules:

  • All entries should not be less than 250 words

  • You must subscribe to this community

  • Entries must be original

  • Entries should be posted first on the community

  • Be sure to use #contest #mystory and #steeminspiration

  • Be sure to comment your entry link on this post.

  • The entry can be posted in any language.

Entry should be submitted before the 5th, of July.


Last day of participation is 5th july? Please confirm this any one.

Now I will have time to participe. Greetings 🌼

Wonderful contest


A slight mistake in the heading, please correct it.

Steem Inspiration Contest | FEW MINUTES OF MISTATE

This contest has been included in the daily
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Invitation wholeheartedly accepted.

The theme of this contest is very good. I have 5 days to participate. And my topic is ready. :)

Wow this is really inspiring and I guess it will be nice to be a member of this wonderful community.

 5 months ago (edited)

Excelente me animare.

Thanks for inviting me to participate in this contest. I would definitely take part in it. 😊

I will try to take part in contest

I really love such contest and I will be very happy to be participant

Thank you admin for this contest, I am able to share my story to the world.
This is my link to the contestFew minutes of minutes of mistake

What a great contest I really appreciate you for bringing up such a contest

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