My poetry: “F for Friend and F for Fiend”

in The Ink Well9 months ago

I accuse the founder for making “F” for Friend and “F” for Fiend….
The letters in between, doesn’t seem to differentiate the two.
Visages, camouflages, faces and masks,
Cannot be altered by words or art.
They seem to contradict, but traverse through the same route.

An apple sold by a destitute, and unknowingly
Snowhite is poisoned from that fruit.
I wished a broken glass was melted, to cast a new born
and our trust renewed to have created
a fresh amicable relationship again.
But just like,
Probability is not assurance, just like
cut strings are joined but knotted,
Similarly, you have made yourself spotted.
Acquaintance with your friendship no more a requisite,
Because the word pal for you doesn’t befit.
Though recollections of the moment spent
are alive in the burning heart.

Although emotions pursue to believe you again
‘But I cannot commit the perjury’, says mind at present…..
Trusting you is difficult, uncertain and probably not of worthy cause.
A mined land is sure to collapse,
even swifter than thought…