My poetry: Words

in The Ink Well10 months ago

They say words are the arms of the weak...
But it is words that have won the deadliest conflicts.
Words can heal, words can maltreat,
Words can make you loyal, and
it is the words that can make you perfidious.
Words can compose a poem,
That can pacify a soul;
Or write an ardent epistle,
That can intensify amour....
Words of kindness give hope to the doomed,
words of evidence give hope to the duped.
Game of words has fooled a many,
But words have helped some to vent out their feelings
For words are not only a handful of letters,
Words are mightier than mightiest of weapons....



I enjoyed your poem on words, thank you very much. It is true, words can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory, we need to be careful with them.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for your support. I am expecting your cooperation now and always.