Lest United We Fall

in The Ink Well11 months ago (edited)

After weeks of dealing with a growing global pandemic,
that threatened lives and our nation’s economic decline,
in Minneapolis a brutal response to a call to police,
put the death of George Floyd, in the national headlines.

The black man’s death fueled a peaceful protest,
until interlopers showed up and joined in.
Pallets of bricks soon began arriving,
and paid thugs tossed them and grinned.

Next, glass shattered and numerous fires started;
a once peaceful protest was peaceful no more.
In the madness, outrage had erased reason;
and breaking news was filled with blood and gore.

In many states, their capital cities were set a blaze,
as well-orchestrated mayhem was performed.
Headlines about the pandemic disappeared;
as media attention had ANTIFA marching on.

Businesses owned by local people paid the price,
for the actions of lawmen they didn’t even know.
Flying debris from the hands of rioters,
assured the number of victims would grow.

In seventy-two hours, forty-six cities were on fire;
suspicions were that each was planned in advance.
Rioters filled with hate and the need for revenge,
were in no mood to give peace a chance.

Army National Guard were told they weren’t wanted
by local leaders hoping the worse had passed.
With their morale broken by lack of support,
Police officers decided they’d served their last.

Many local officials cowered, letting violence rule.
by not offering words or actions to diminish the danger.
In Seattle the citizens were told to stay safe inside,
while their city fell into the hands of strangers

Donning neck scarfs like those worn by an African tribe,
career politicians anxiously took a knee for a photo op.
Racism had been of political use to them for decades,
so whenever it rears its head, they simply blame the cops.

Only the hard hearts that funded it all felt empowered.
They’re the source working to take our nation down.
It’s global governance and social slavery that awaits,
if we don’t get together and turn things around.

There are human elements, inside and out, wanting us to fail.
They’re betting there’s no chance we can resuscitate racial trust.
But it’s not a question of “perhaps”, “maybe” or “someday”;
racial harmony will come because it is time, it is wanted, and it is just!



Thank you for your poetic news reel and ending of hope and longing for racial harmony. What's happening in the States right now is a lot. And adding all of it on top of the pandemic is a lot. I think poetry is a beautiful way to lean into the things we are seeing and feeling and express our hearts. I write poetry too and am new to Steemit. I am excited to engage with other writers and get involved in the community. If you have any advice, I would love it. Thank you!


Hi Breanna: I've been editing some e-books I have on Kindle so haven't really gotten into STEEMIT in-depth either. I plan to dig in deeper when my son visits. He's my STEEMIT guru. I’ll be happy to share with you anything I learn. I've got poetry published on the Internet and publish ebooks with Amazon's Kindle. Here’s a really great group who send a newsletter monthly about publishing prose and poetry as well as books with some impressive entities.
Authors Publish Magazine [email protected]
Please feel free to stay in touch [email protected] Best Regards, JO

Thank you very much! I appreciate the kindness and advice. I subscribed to authorspublish and look forward to the newsletters and information. Thanks again!