You need those whose eyes shine when your face smiles

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You know how it is when you are happy and you
are happy that others are happy, so you also do
choose the people who are happy that you are

So you meet your needs and realize them with
ease because we all have needs and these are
not bad.

Every living being have needs, need of water,
air, food, needs of Love, attention, tenderness ...
these are all needs. Accept them.
We all need love, normally.
By this I mean that you have a Heart, that you
are alive.
Take your loved ones by the hand, hold on, hug
them and don’t be afraid to be alive, happy, loved
and happy and truly alive.

Say what you need, you need to say what you
feel, you have around you people to whom your happiness makes them happy, you need those
whose eyes shine when your face smiles.


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Images: from my LG Q7