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Hi contributors, subscribers and supporters at The Ink Well community. This is @raj808, founder and curator, with some exciting news.

Yes, you read that title right! We're now supported by both @ocd and @curie curating and encourage great creative writing on the steem blockchain.

A few days ago our community was accepted as part of @ocd's new initiative to branch out into curating other hive communities that they see as essential to encouraging quality content on the steem blockchain.

@acidyo, founder of one of the oldest curation groups on steem @ocd, had this to say in an update post on Sunday:

From tomorrow on the OCD Compilation posts will resume. Now divided in communities instead, showcasing the best curated posts from many different communities but also posts outside of any community.

The communities we're covering so far: TravelFeed, SteemitWorldMap, TheInkWell, OnChainArt, LightPainters and AlienArt.

Hoping to find a lot of great posts from great content creators and hopefully also many new ones! :)

Quote from acidyo's post #posh goes steempeak fully!

Please do have a read of that post as it has a lot more information about @ocd's future plans and their move to support only @steempeak posts shared to twitter with the #posh tag. Something I fully agree with given the current management of I'm a full on @steempeak convert now and I urge all of our members to do the same, especially as you can check out The Ink Well's badges exclusively on your steempeak homepage 😉

But back to the news that OCD are supporting The Ink Well.

What does this entail?

As a new @ocd community curator I will be submitting our best post each day to ocd for review and potential inclusion in their daily compilation post. Ocd will be publishing community compilation posts Monday through to Saturday, so this is a great opportunity for writers at The Ink well to earn higher rewards for exceptional content pretty much daily. Sunday is the exception as it's traditionally a day of rest, and my personal day for kicking back with a cuppa coffee and a movie.

There is no guarantee that the posts I submit will be chosen for the ocd compilation post and receive the ocd vote. However, I am confident in my ability to assess fiction and poetry to pick winning posts. I completed a university degree in creative writing in 2007, and have worked as an editor in two different magazines. I've also been writing fiction and poetry since childhood, although probably not that well until around 2001 when I started taking it seriously.

TheInkWell Section Seperator.png

Write your Heart Out

A big part of why I'm writing this post is that I want to encourage our subscribers to write from the heart, and tell their stories in a unique and creative way.

Don't be afraid to write until the story is told. I read a lot of fiction, both on and off steem, that falls short of the essentials that make up a story - a beginning, middle and an end. This is usually because the writer has stopped at 300 or 400 words when they should have kept going until the story had found its natural rhythm.

Most writers know deep down when they've rushed a character or have missed plot points that would have really cemented a twist, creating impact. I guess what I'm saying is, I encourage everyone not to be afraid to write longer stories, especially if the narrative and character's interactions demands it.

If inspiration isn't knocking on the door, check out our prompts to see if they spark creativity and try your best to write stories, or poems, that showcase your talent.

Hot off the press today fiction prompt - The Ink Well Fiction Writing Challenge #2 - Bad Habits

Poetry prompt, still open for entries until Thursday - Thursday's Poetry Challenge - Exploring Legend

Imaginative writing is a powerful and inspiring tool for communication. Fiction is a written format that can immerse the reader in the psyche of a character, showing how you as the writer think. Genre fiction done well can give the reader a glimpse into another world, creating myriad reflections between the possible and the fantastic.

I wish everyone the best in their inner journeys drawing on the well of creativity that builds a unique and wonderful story.

Happy writing everyone, and thanks for reading.

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If you would like to delegate to @theinkwell and help support creative writing on steem you can do so by clicking on any of the following links for the amount you would like to delegate:


We also now have a curation trail set up so if you are a SteemAuto user, @theinkwell is now available as a curation trail to follow.

We would like to say a special thank you to those kind souls who have already delegated to help support The Ink Well and creative writing on steem.

@riverflows 500 Steem power delegation, thank you.
@raj808 500 steem power delegation.

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#steempeak all the way!

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@raj808, This is a great news without any doubt. Most importantly this Collaboration will going to encourage THEINKWELL Community members. Good wishes from my side and stay blessed.

This is a great news without any doubt. Most importantly this Collaboration will going to encourage THEINKWELL Community members.

Yes, you're right mate. The best thing is that this will encourage people to write more creative work, and maybe up their game writing longer more elaborate works. Kinda what I'm eluding to in this post lol

With the chance at big ass OCD votes it will hopefully encourage even more wonderful creative short stories and poetry at The Ink well. I'm very excited :)

All the best @chireerocks

Thank you and hope that your efforts will bring very productive results for you. Stay blessed.


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from the @helpiecake curation team!

Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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@helpie is a Community Witness.

Thank you for the helpie curation :)

I am here to congratulate you on getting @ocd 's and @curie 's support. Indeed you have stable footing with their backing!

As someone looking to grow as a storyteller, this opens a major opportunity for me to dip myself in the world of words and the magic they can bring forth. I just hope I will be worthy of the attention that will come with my work.

Working on my poem and looking forward ♡

 last year (edited)

Very much looking forward to reading your poem @tezmel

I was excited when both you and @owasco said you would be writing poems inspired by the prompt! You are both great poets who I know will write something unique and from the heart.

congratulate you on getting ocd 's and curie 's support. Indeed you have stable footing with their backing!

Cheers for the congrats. It tool some networking magic, and really curie were already our backers right from the start as I pitched the idea to them as a long term curie curator when they said they were moving to a community model and they said yes, sure get it done and we'll back it. But the OCD thing was just me hustling to get acidyo to take a look at the ink well community and then it was the writers, and maybe the ethos I've set out as well, that must have convinced him. I don't know really.

Whatever the case, he messaged me at the weekend saying come in the discord and shout out at me and I'll add you to the team. Cheesy grins were had by me all evening, as it will really add an extra boost to the ink well community. Hard work pays off, and with a little time creative writing will shine bright on steem :)

Even in the short term with this support we will be able to encourage everyone who is a good poet, story writer, or both that it is worth their time writing that content that they love and really putting their all into it.

This was my dream for The Ink Well, to reward the poets and fiction writers and encourage excellence in these fields :)

Much love. Really am looking forward to your poem!

It's a great idea. Much of the truly great creative writing on steem is completely overlooked by curators. It's great that we have a place to put it now. Thanks for doing this.

So @tezmel, how's it going on your ballad? I'm posting mine any day now. Any day now. lol.

Such a difficult task! As hard as @tristancarax's 31 sentence story. Maybe it's just me.

Lol. I am not saying anything considering Wednesday is here on my end so I gotta move. Not doing a ballad though as I am yet to understand the mechanisms of how it goes. I'll settle for a lyrical one even as I dive into future challenges with exactly their demands.

Yet to do Tristans 31 sentence story but yes, hard it is.

I bet Acidyo weighed how crucial the Ink Well community would be for him to back it. Like O says, it's an amazing idea that will get creative writing in this community at a place where writers are even improving their craft.

We get better by writing and I for one can't wait to utilize this space for my improvement.

Are we at The Ink Well on the same page as @theoretical? My eyes glaze over when I try to read/comprehend finances and all things mathematical and political.

You're not the only one carol. I can figure a lot of it out... but it makes my head hurt and can burn me out 100% quicker than any amount of writing.

I did some technical stuff setting up the ink well that just made me want to throw my computer out of the window.

Reading that post, it is essentially talking about the difference between proof of stake blockchains (where people just get extra crypto tokens for staking their coin so that it doesn't move out of their wallet) and delegated proof of stake which is what we have on steem. DPOS (delegated proof of stake) is similar to POS (proof of stake) but with the added benefit of being able to delegate (almost like giving your steem power to someone in a custodial manner) your stake.

That article isn't really taking a stance per say. It is simply stating facts about the way people will behave in a crypto environment and drawing the comparision whith what has happened recently with exchanges helping Justin Sun take a number of top witness positions, to stake pools where people share stake in the traditional POS (proof of stake) system.

We may wish users who hold coins that belong to others, for example exchanges, always behaved competently and ethically. But we have to design our blockchain around the facts of how users actually behave, not how we think they should, or wish they would.

That post is essentially saying, this is how people will act and our ability to stop/mitigate this type of thing will be the true measure of the power of DPOS (which is the blockchain protocol steem uses).

Ha ha, and if that hasn't melted your head I salute you ;-)

The Ink Well is for DPOS, it's what allows us to do everything we do on steem. That post you highlighted looks to me like it is a decent technical post in response to all the witness drama happening at the moment.

That's fucking brilliant, I don't know how you pulled this off lol, but it's generally amazing really. I'm glad OCD will be coming in, it's becoming an exciting community already

I would have to go through all my previous delegations so as to know which is still functional. I suspect some projects have gone silent. I have not been paying attention to that side of things

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