Contest // Topic of the week №38 // Who first told you about Bitcoin?


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Hello Everyone, it's the #topicoftheweek on who told you about Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTH) is a cryptocurrency that has a high market value.

How I Knew About Bitcoin

My mother was the brain behind my knowledge of Bitcoin today. Being regularly online she got to people who did online businesses of which trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin was among.

screenshot of the value of Bitcoin in Binance


screenshot of the value of steem in Binance

There is comparatively a drop in the price money of Binance. BTC is average $61,277.60 this is same as 16,483,674.4steem in NGN

My mom is @ijelady on steem, due to her knoedge of which she shared with me about Crypto, I have joined the Crypto Academy class in Steemit community. She also let me know if the sinosoidal movements in the value of crypto currencies. It can go high and low.

I also knew some coins like TRX, USSDT, STEEM, PLC, just to mention a few


I really appreciate it when I learn from a good teacher. This my mom have don to educate me of Bitcoin. The other coin close to it is the Bitcoincash. Thanks

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