Graffiti Of My City No. 15 - 30 Years Old Graffiti

Hello everyone. I happened to read about this Graffiti Of My City Contest by @slon21veka No. 15 and it interested me because I remembered I took some pictures of street art a few weeks ago and I thought this was the perfect place to share them. For those I invited to join and all those who still do not know about this contest, you can read all about it in the link here. Do read about it and hopefully you can join and invite your friends too.

Along the national highway named J. P. Laurel in our place Davao City, Philippines there is a facility that is walled from one end to the other. This facility is the Southern Philippines Medical Center for Mental Health Institution. The walls have been painted with murals by public school students in the early 1990's in an effort to beautify the city. However, since they were painted, no retouching or upgrade have been done so they now look shabby and faded after almost 30 years.

One afternoon, as I was walking along this part of the city, I noticed a yellow school van illegally parked in front of the institution with graffiti reflected on its windows. See photo below.


And another day I saw a black mini van, also illegally parked on the same spot as the yellow van also reflecting the same graffiti.


The picture below shows the actual mural or graffiti reflected on the yellow and black vans.


The next picture is a shot of the wall of the Institution.

And closer shots of the paintings on each section of the wall.







When these were newly painted they were very bright and people used to visit here and have their pictures taken. Now they have been neglected and look drab and dirty. I hope one day the city government can do something about it and either retouch them or paint new ones. If ever they do this, I will surely let you guys know about it.

That's all for this post. I would like to invite @long888, @jacinta.sevilla and @vocafrost to join in this contest. Meanwhile, please keep safe and may you all have a great week ahead.

(All photos are mine.)

 2 months ago 

intresting and cool color palette of the graffifi, the author does have a vision. upvoted!

Thanks for your words of appreciation. These were more vivid and colorful in the early 1990's as compared to today. Each section of the wall have different artists, mainly high school students. I think this was part of the requirements of their Art class then.

 2 months ago 

Очень интересные граффити!

Thank you. They were made by high school students from a public school here in our city.