STEEM PLANTS COMPETITION: Announcement of the winners of the fourth week and the beginning of the fifth week.

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Hello everyone! The fourth week of STEEM PLANTS COMPETITION is over and I am ready to announce the winners.

1st place: 30 Steem

2nd place: 20 Steem

3rd place: 10 Steem

I want to give an extra prize - 5 Steem @antorv for a wonderful flower shop review.;)

I thank all the participants for their support of my initiative. I hope to continue to see your posts with beautiful plants.;)

The fifth week of the Steem plants contest starts!



  1. Write a post about a plant that you have at home, with your friend, at work, or you saw this plant once on vacation.
  2. The message can be written in any language.
  3. The message must be original, not contain plagiarism. Photos used in the post must be taken by you.
  4. Leave a link to your post, as well as one photo in the comments section. (To this post)
  5. Please submit only one application per week.
  6. All applications must be sent by the end of Saturday 6 March.
  7. Use tags #steemplants #steemplantscontest

1st place - 30 steem
2nd place - 20 steem
3rd place - 10 steem

I still hope for support in voting from @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemitblog, @booming01 , @booming04 and would be grateful to everyone who has supported the posts of the members.


Wow, great surprise and honor for me! Thank you, @knopka145 ☺🪴🌵

Excelente espere pronto mi participación aqui..
Saludos desde #venezuela

Congratulations to all the winners @jacinta.sevilla @yetaras @cranium and @antorv

We will see each other again this week. Good luck to all.

Thanks @knopka145 for this wonderful contest and also to our main sponsors @steemcurators01 @steemcurators02 @steemitblog @booming01 and @booming04

Hi! Thank you so much! I am glad you liked the sunflowers!

Plants are so beautiful! And always will be!

I'm so grateful and thankful!

Congrats to everyone who won and joined and shared love of their plants 🙏🙏🙏

Есть цветочки, ждут когда я тут соберусь поискать их правильное название в интернете)))

🌹I made an entry to post about my roses.
🌹looking forward to share this.


🌻Image to share:


Здравствуйте! Принял участвие в конкурсе:)


Спасибо большое за награду и сам конкурс!!! Пойду до мой фотографировать кактусы :)

От всей души поздравляю победителей!!! В следующем конкурсе и я приму участие!)))

Hola amiga, un gusto saludarte, aca te dejo mi participacion:
Saludos y mucho exito.

О, яка стабільність, вже в другому конкурсі займаю друге місце! 😆 Дуже приємно, я навіть і не сподівався, дякую @knopka145 за довіру)). Також вітаю @jacinta.sevilla та @cranium з першим та третім місцями відповідно! І @antorv також! 😉

Oh, what stability, I take the second place in the second competition! 😆 Very nice, I didn't even expect it, thanks @knopka145 for the trust)). Also congratulations to @jacinta.sevilla and @cranium with first and third places respectively! And @antorv with honorable mantion too! 😉

Дякую і приєднуюсь до вітань!!!

I will take part the next time

I hope so!;)

Hello @knopka145. This is my entry for Week 5. I hope you like it. Click here for the link.


Интересный и увлекательный пост

Hi, here again. Here is my entry.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants of the fourth week.!!

Hermoso concurso @knopka. Acá mi Participación de esta semana. Cabe resaltar que me encantan las plantas

Hola a todos! gracias @knopka145 por este hermoso concurso. Por acá les dejo mi (entrada)


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