STEEM PLANTS CONTEST: Announcement of the winners of the week #13 and the beginning of the week #14. The prize pool is 100 Steem!🌿🎉🎈

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Hello everybody! I want to thank all the participants for their patience! Recently I have been very busy at work and could not sum up the results of the competition in time. I hope you made good use of this time and got inspiration from the plants around you.❤️🪴

The week #13 of STEEM PLANTS CONTEST is over and I am ready to announce the winners.

1st place: 30 Steem

2nd place: 25 Steem

3rd place: 20 Steem

4th place: 15 Steem

5th place: 10 Steem

I would like to support several authors whose posts have been underestimated: @somrat01, @antikus369, @liameutia, @seesladen, @luisitorres, @alexandracruz, @konokreza, @ashiq-tanha, @felixrodriguez, @mazharul002.

Each of these contributors will receive 5 Steems.

We had a lot of participants this week! Despite the fact that I was not able to evaluate your posts in time, it was important for me to read all the posts. I was glad to see how you support each other in the comments.
I think we managed to achieve good results!;)

For 13 weeks of the competition, we managed to attract a large number of people to participate, it's great that you invited your friends. I am delighted to see how Steemit is transforming thanks to you, and I am extremely pleased to see how you support each other in the comments and learn something new.

P.S. I hope that the Steem rate cut will be temporary, so I advise you to keep your winnings or invest in Steem power.


So, if you're still interested.
The week #14 of the Steem plants contest starts!


  1. Write a post about a plant that you have at home, with your friend, at work, or you saw this plant once on vacation.
  2. The message can be written in any language.
  3. The message must be original, not contain plagiarism. Photos used in the post must be taken by you.
  4. Leave a link to your post, as well as one photo in the comments section. (To this post)
  5. Please submit only one application per week.
  6. Subscribe to the Steem-BRU community
  7. Post must be written in the Steem-BRU community (BY-RU-UA)
  8. All applications must be sent by the end of Tuesday 8 June
  9. Use tags #steemplantscontest


1st place: 30 Steem

2nd place: 25 Steem

3rd place: 20 Steem

4th place: 15 Steem

5th place: 10 Steem

I still hope for support in voting from @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @steemitblog, @booming01 , @booming04 and would be grateful to everyone who has supported the posts of the members!


Congratulations to all the winners!
I am just sad that I could not be in the last week...been so busy with my own competition!
But here I am...actually the first to enter for the 14th week!
Hope you like my entry! Enjoy!

My Entry

Wish you a great day ahead!
Stay blessed!

hermoso flor amigo

 2 months ago 

Ааааа, радуюсь🤗 Не зря ехала на край земли за крокусами )))))))

Hi friend @knopka145! thank you very much for taking me into account, I'm really very happy! I love your dynamic, excellent participations. Greetings!

 2 months ago 

Congratulations to the winners, this week I hope to participate

Hello @knopka145 i am happy seeing a contest from you this week , here is entry into the week14 of steem plants :


Thank you @knopka145, for organizing this contest, I will be making my post. Congratulations.

Hola gracias felicidades a los ganadores y para mí también por el quinto lugar.

¡ Felicidades a los ganadores del concurso!

pronto estaré presentando mi participación en este divertido concurso que nos permite obtener conocimientos sobre las plantas que nos rodean. agradecimientos a @knopka145 por esta maravillosa iniciativa.

¡Besos, abrazos y bendiciones!

me encanta este reto ya sabran de mi.

Hola a Todos 😊 Mi primera Participación encantada de concursar gracias a la amiga @knopka145 por mantener este concurso 😊


Поздравляю победителей!

Me encanta este concurso. Así que estaré participando.

Привет! Можно и я со своими цветульками пристроюсь?

Felicitaciones a todos los ganadores..

Aquí les dejo mi Entrada


 2 months ago (edited)

Кнопочка, принимай пост! Спасибо за конкурс!


¡Hi, dear friends! ¡Hola, amigos aquí mi participación!
Agradecimientos a @knopka145 por mantener este maravilloso concurso.

El Llantén

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-31 at 1.25.00 PM.jpeg

¡Besos, abrazos y bendiciones!

Congratulations to all the winners of the contest.

 2 months ago 

Привет! Мой пост в конкурс.


 2 months ago 

This contest will be included in a future edition of the daily #WinWithSteem contest listings...

Hello Steemians. Congratulations all winners. Here my entry this Week:



Saludos querida @knopka145, siempre un placer poder compartir dentro de tú concurso las plantas de mi jardín, hoy traigo la hermosa planta de Café de la casa. Espero y la disfruten.

Aquí mi participación



This is a great contest and I look forward to sharing many more entries here. Hope you'll enjoy reading this.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-06 at 3.38.24 PM.jpeg


Many thanks to @knopka145 for organizing this contest. We all should take pledge to grow more plant and make our planet greener.

Please find my entry for this contest below:


Aqui mi entrada a la semana 14 . saludos a todos
Mi entrada


Just in time...

Here is my entry dear friend...


Steem Plants Contest - Scent Leaves


Надеюсь ещё не опоздал, поэтому хочу тоже поучаствовать, понимаю, что ничего сверхъестественного, но всё же)

Hola. Por acá mi participación


Hola dejo por acá mi participación, es un gusto poder realizar mi entrada. Gracias

Congratulations to the winners

 2 months ago 

Вот мой пост, куда кидать не знаю, кину сюда))

Hello dear @knopka145...

Hope you are having a swell day where you are.

I am just here again, as usual, your regular reminder... Lol...

Do have a great day!

Cheers! ❤️❤️