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PHILIPPINES is one of the perfect destination to stroll and relax.

Wanna know why? Obviously, it is because of the beautiful spots located here in our place.

And I am going to introduce you today, one of the perfect spot for moto riders- the TCH

TCH - A Perfect Spot for You and Me


Since we are teenagers, my ex-boyfriend/my hubby was a motor rider. Well, in fact he already joined many motor clubs where their goal is to bond and tour around Cebu.

After so many years of going around the North part of cebu, this place has captured my eyes- the TCH.


TCH - Transcentral Highway and is located in Balamban. You can click the link below for you to know the exact location of the place.


It is located at the mountainous part of Balamban in which its road forms like a snake. It has lots of blind spot and is not adviced for the new riders. Yes, the way going there was very hard but once you are already at the top of the mountain, you will surely say, "IT's ALL WORTH IT"!


The green, healthy trees makes the ambiance great and refreshing. If you wanted to unwind, then it is the perfect place for you. You can shout out loud and burst all the pain inside.


The motor riders surely love the place because aside from the challenging road, the road is also long and wide and you can do any exhibition you want (for experts only).

You can also see some restaurant there and streetfoods if you feel hungry.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and witness the BEAUTY OF THE SNAKE ROAD- The Trancentral Highway!

That's all for today, THANK YOU and have a great day! Adios...

Love Lots,



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