#GRAFFITI OF MY CITY №22 : From Molotov Boy to "Shredder" Guevara

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Camera Samsung A51/Version
Lens Default | Ratio 9:16
Editing Tools
Location Banda Aceh, Indonesis
Timeline 16:11 pm | 18/09/2021
Category Grafity
Photografer @mosin-nagant

The image implies resistance to the system and smells a bit of anarchism. He was stranded on a wall of the office of a non-governmental organization, which is in the corner of the city of Banda Aceh, the center of the province of Aceh, Indonesia.

You need to enter an alley first if you want to go to the location, which is adjacent to the public works and public housing department. The nongovernment agency's office is right next to a gym that is rarely used.

The material or image content is very plural, tends to be dada or surreal genre. The author is a journalist named Rino Abonita who collaborated with a mural artist named Idrus ben Harun.

You'll find molotov boy at tanks, and even someone kicking a police shield, besides Che Guevara with a guitar wearing a t-shirt with the Pantera logo to Subcomandante Marcos riding a dragon, there | I invite my friend @mcharmattan to this contest.

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Thanks Friend I appreciate the invitation @mosin-nagant

You're welcome, my friend @mcharmattan.

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