ENTRY CONTEST GRAFFITI OF MY CiTY " Various character Cartoon Graffiti"


various character cartoon graffti

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May all of you is doin well, stay healthy and keep safe. Lets spread positives vibes around us.🤗

My warm greetings to my friends @slon21veka as the orginizer contest. May god bless you and your family.🤗

I'm back here again to join the contest which is my favorite about graffiti in various cities in the world shared by steemian friends.

Today I will show to all my steemian friends in this beautiful community about graffiti that I accidentally found in my city.

This graffiti is on a wall on the street in the form of a small and narrow alley, with many vehicles passing through the street in this alley so I can't take a pose near this graffiti.

The wall on a street in this alley has graffiti which I think comes from various characters from cartoons. There are several figures that are clearly drawn. In addition there is also graffiti in the form of writing like a name. On the wall we can see that there is graffiti of spider animals, there is also graffiti of antagonists and superheroes.

Below this I share photos of graffiti that I captured using my Samsung A31 smartphone camera


graffiti On the wall


spider and suoerhero


*various character cartoon of graffiti


graffiti of my city

That's all my post about graffiti of my city, I hope all of you can enjoy it. And I invite my friends to take a part also at this great contest. Lets join @asiahaiss @liasteem @safridafatih. And this is contes link

Thank you for the steemian who has been willing to come and take the time to read my post to the end. Everyone's support and attention means a lot to me. Have a great day all🤗😘

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I think, it's was so kind if you know who the people that paint the wall. And you can explain it! May be you can share the location, sometime when I arrived in your town I can invite this place sist😂😘
Good luck sist, all the best for you😘

Hana gang inoe KK, how?😂
Wong deso, yang banyak bak u ngen bak pineung.😁😁😁

Lokasinya di jln darussalam.lupa pula nama gang nya kakak. Dan kk krg tau jg apa nama character yang di gambar itu .krn kan itu imajinasi yang buat gambar nya. Kk cm nebak aja hehe

Mantap KK, lanjutkan👍🤗😘

Thanks for your support and attention to me. Good luck for you too sista.🤗

 2 months ago 

Шикарная фантазия!

Thank.you my friend🤗

Keren banget Bu @sailawana. Terimakasih sudah mengundang saya. Sehat tidak untuk ibu sekeluarga. Senang bisa mengenal Anda.

Terimakasih utk supportnya🤗

Let's break a leg, Kak 💪🏻 !
Hope you will win the contest 😚💖