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Jordan Peterson had his gmail account suspended after publicly protesting a Canadian law. His personal and work gmail accounts were cut off without warning and when he finally located a customer support rep for google, (which is extremely difficult to find) they claimed that an automated algorithm suspended his accounts and that after a human review, they found that he had violated google's terms of service, but they refused to give him any specifics.

Google maintains secret blacklists and shadow bans an untold number of users with no transparent appeals process.

So I've been watching TUBI (a free app for android and roku that let's you watch stuff for FREE with NO SIGNUP) specifically their documentary category has a lot of great stuff.

Click to watch 2 minutes,

Watch full google/facebook documentary for free -

Click to watch 5 minutes,

Watch full 2016 election rigging documentary for free -

Click to watch 9 minutes,

Watch full conspiracy theory documentary for free -

Perhaps anarchy already exists and "THE COMMUNITY" is merely the highest manifestation of organized crime. – special thanks to @thoughts-in-time



Your scathing critique is requested.

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Wow the big G has really gone way past that creepy line.

I would be very interested to know what your take is on this guy Austin Steinbart. Here is a link to his youtube channel. My own thought is that he is part of a psyop to pacify people would otherwise be rising up against this global marshal law we find ourselves in.

The second link to ''Rigged: The Voter Suppression Playbook'' I just get the msg. video is not available

Thanks for the note, it pops right up for me,

It might be region coded.

I'll check out Austin Steinbart.

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Re Austin Steinbart
I have found a TV series that can be viewed by searching
dailymotion continuum s01 - ep01 etc

It appears that he is modeling his own story on the above TV show. But not exactly, the main point is that he in communication with himself in the future and he has the ability so see and fee what others see and feel with the use of tech.
He made a threat to the Queen of Denmark who has subsequently stepped down and passed the crown on. Assuming he is indeed a govt agent of some kind it seems highly likely that quite a number of people would have had access to that information prior to the event.
As a child I was told some very scary things that eventually turned out to have substance. The point to that is, the information came from a very low level, an insignificant source a nobody. So it does not seem inconceivable to me that he would have information beforehand regarding the Queen stepping down.

Continuum is a great show, I watched it on netflix a few years back and really enjoyed it.

I especially liked the plot line where the dominant corporation of the future created a bio-engineered disease and then made zillions by securing exclusive rights to the vaccine which they had already created before the disease was released.

Yes I am enjoying it as well.
I look fwd to learning what your thoughts are re Austin.

I watched a bunch of Austin Steinbart's yo.utube channel. This was the best one,

Click to watch 30 minutes,

He seems like a very smart individual who has created a pretty good story.

100,000 views seems a little low for a black-psy-ops-cointelpro operation.

Doxxing himself and trying to "prove" he's the "real deal" and openly threatening "enemies" is frighteningly naive.

He seems like a very smart individual who has created a pretty good story.


"Travelers" is another great show with a similar plot line,