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Hello everyone my name is Mohammed Abdul Rahman I am 20 years of age a student a of the University for Development Studies level 200 in the faculty of Communication and Cultural Studies. I am also a P.O.P designer and I do that when am on vacations.

I am geographically located in the northern part of Ghana Tamale precisely Saganrigu where I completed Senior High School. This is me.
I love to read and write, play football, watch movies, what I enjoy doing most is that I visit my friends in their various homes try to take part I activities that they undertake even if it's very involving and also love to travel. I always do my possible best to get to the field on time, in everything thing one has to be punctual because it helps alot, below is a picture of me getting ready to go to hit the field.
My favorite team is Manchester United that's why I've got my United jersey on.

Also am a P.O.P designer and that's what I do when am on vacations. Below is a picture of me and my boss at work site.


My passion is to become a communicator and a journalist. Also I have the zeal for sports, I try to venture into other sporting activities when I get the chance to. What I dislike most is cheating and disrespect to other for we all have different backgrounds. I mingle with friends whom I know that they will be there for me in my times of need because that's what friends are for. Below is a picture of me and my friends.


I enjoy reading other people's post because most of them are fun and educative most especially the diary game I get to enjoy the activities performed by others, it very nice to see other people stuff. I will like to post on the diary game and because I will know the activities they perform during that day and moreover is very effective.

Steemit was introduced to me by a brother, a senior but at first I had doubts until I joined Steemit. The knowledge I have on crypto is few but I have traded in Bitcoin before so I kind of have a clue as to what crypto is .
At the end of it all I have the aim of accomplishing alot out of Steemit and it's very helpful per what I was told and have seen I will recommend Steemit to others.
Thanks for reading.

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Hey @abdul0011 welcome to steemit, i wish you best of luck to grow here on this platform

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Welcome to the family bro. We’re here for you when you need us. Let’s steem together

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This is a wonderful achievement post bro.
have a great time on steemit and remember consistency is the key.
steem on.

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Hello @abdul0011, Welcome to the great platform, It was really nice hanging out with you yesterday, Be sure to complete the rest of the achievement tasks as promised. Feel free to ask me or any of our guys when you don't understand anything. Thank you.

Congratulations !
You have successfully completed achievement 1 on "Verification Through Introduction". Your next task is to complete
Achievement 2 : Basic Security on Steem .

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I have a question. Is it ok to promote contests in introduction posts? I also give the newcomers a worm welcome.

I don't spam my posts, Don't be present to my posts if you are busy.

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Okay I never do it in future..

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@steemcurator01 can you explain it?

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This is very useful, because spam is annoying, hopefully this can be a lesson for us.

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Welcome to steemit brother

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Welcome to steemit brother

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Welcome to Steemit, I wish you good luck with your steemit journey, I suggest you explore those communities related your interest.
Stay Connected!! Stay Safe!!!

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Hi, @abdul0011,

Your post has been supported by @hassanabid from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Hola @abdul0011 bienvenido a Steemit

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