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I hope all of you are well. I am posting Achievement 3 today. I will try my best to complete Achievement 3 by providing my correct information.

I have come today to complete the task of Achievement 3 post. In this I will try to give correct answers to the questions that have been given to me. I will try very hard to give the best and standard answer now. I come to these questions. The first question

What can users post on steemit?

You have complete freedom on the steemit platform. You can share whatever you want here. You can share your photos here. You can also share videos. You can also write any kind of article. Consider that the article-image. video . Or if a story is written, it is owned by you and not owned by another person. You can write a daily diary. It is a great moral crime to reveal any book material that is not yours. There is a penalty for this. You also get the best reward for your writing which you have written and it will be highly appreciated.

Proof of Brain concept

On this platform you have to show your ability. In return, Steamit will give you a coin as a reward. On this platform, you will be seen a lot when you show your mental ability. Ethical Behaviors You can learn a lot while living on this platform


alled plagiarism because that plagiarism Is not written. Therefore, if an image that is not owned by you and you do not cite its owner, it is also called plagiarism. You cannot progress in any field unless you adopt the truth.*


Original source

Only the original content is accepted on this platform. If you publish someone else's stolen post or photos and make it your own, the Steamit team will catch your theft and ban you. We need to present our creation, it will give us a lot of respect

How to Cite a Source?

If you are referring to someone's post, first you copy the link and then you will use this method.source

My specifically thanks to

Respected brother @yousafharoonkhan
Respected @cryptokannon
Respected @rashid001
Respected @hassanabid

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Congratulations 🎉 all dear brother for achievement3 good luck continue it

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Thank you my dear brother

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Good work @amirhayat bhai. Best of luck

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Hi i am Sumit one of the team member of Steem Greeter.

I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 3 post. Now you are eligible for performing your achievement 4 which is about the applying markdown. You can refer this post for your next task.



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I thank you for verifying me and I will try to complete task 4 soon.

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Nice effort for achievement 3.i liked your work.may u will succeed.

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Thank you so much

Congratulations on completing Achievement 3

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thanks brother

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Nice work

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Your post is very good. You are doing a great job. Your daily post is very good. You are a very hardworking person.

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سبحان اللّٰہ پوسٹ کو دیکھو اس میں کیا لکھا ہوا ہے

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Brother this is not my daily post this was Achievement 3's post you haven't read the whole thing but still thank you for appreciating my post

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Mashallah great post