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Good afternoon brothers and sisiters of steemt, i hope we are all doing well by his grace. Am very glad to have move from achievement 1 to 3 and so there fore i say thank you all for your support for up lfting me to another stage.

What is plagiarism
In my own understanding about plagiarism it involves an action of copping and pasting of someone else contents from somewhere, with or without acknowledging the person and using that same content as your own. This action is consider as criminal act because that is another persons ideas or thoughts you are using and did not create awareness to the owner before using
the content.
The pratics of plagiarism
The heigh increasement of plagiarism offenses around the world is due to the avoialability of contents free on Internet to use which is as well monitoring by some community group of people the unmber of who have engage ilegal practics of plagiarism of people byusing the content and do not creat their awareness to the author. Plagiarism should be avoided in all case and keep away this criminal act to show how reliable snd cridible an an author can be.

How to avoid plagiarism and the effects.
Having many access to information on the internet thst helps to provide more information base on the content we need to support our own work is detail express to our understanding. And for that matter, in using any content coppy from different sources should be identified or recongnized to direct readers attention to the information we coppy from other people and to present as your own in steemit but when recongnition or identification is avoided in writing of your own content which did not drow the attention of readers in steemit the sources in which you draft some information from is not showed, it means that you are practicing plagiarism and may lead to down vite, red flagging and retard the progress of reputation in community.

Exemple of citations
When you are to show an image which is not your own ypu have to give s ditection to yhat source you have used in your content

This shows more examples citation of contents could be used in recognition of a source in your own work.
Quotations is an example way of citation a source
For instance, in quotation the owner might not put those statement he or she said into quotations because is he or she who said it.
But for an ordinary people who are not for the statement have to put those statements into quotations showing the he or she is copping it from someone else. For example

According to Mult and i quote "When your heart is filled with patience, no matter what the Almigty tests you with, the reward is beyond your imagination"

Forms of plagiarism
Plagiarism types consist of many forms but to mentoin few of them which include paraphrasing plagiarism, mosaic plagiarism, self plagiarism, global plagiarism, incorrect plagiarism and verbatim plagiaresn.

Paraphrasing means rephrasing a piece of content in your own words. It is the most commonly use in plagiarism.
Paraphrasing it self is not plagiarism so as long as you provide cite for your sources to the steemit reader.

Mosaic plagiarism is also known as patch work plagiarism which means copying phrases, passages and ideas from different sources and putting them together to create a new contents. This includes slightly rephrasing passages,ideas and phrases while keeping more of the same words and structure as the original.

This means reusing work that you have recently proposed. Even though it is your own work, it is supposed dishonest to present a piece of data as brand new when you have that already credit for the content.

Is about taking an entirely body of work by another person and passing it as your own content to present your work. If you get someone else to write a piece of content for you, or if you find a statement online and you decide to submit it as your own work, you are practicing plagiarism.Because it involves gradually and rapidly lying about the authorship of the content.

To conclud, i might say i have read and understood the community etiquette on steemit community and will do my best to embrace them.
Thank you all

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Hello @atoa, your post is not 100% original. You have traces of copy and past, which i can categorically say you plagiarized your post. Edit and make corrections .


Paraphrasing without citation is the most common type of plagiarism.

This is just a section of your work, i could fine other portions of copy and past content.

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Thank you for drawing my attention
Please am done doing the corrections
please go through it again @fombae

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Please my achievement 3 is still on peading


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Thank you i really appreciate your efforts
But please my achievement 3 has not been verify yet it is still on peading @steem-bangladesh

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It seems you have to do some little works on it.

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