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My name is Atia clement mose from northern part of Ghana Tamale, am 24 years of age a student in a public university called University for development studies studying social culture and communication.
Steemit was introduce to me by a collengue mate called Mugis which i took it very serious to participate in it. Today am in to it trying to make good things out of it. I love doing streessing things and that is why i choose steemit to streess my self and also make an impact from it and in to it.
I love you all and i edge each and every one in to steemit to always try to make a brother or a sister happy by voting and commeting on thier daily post. Thank you all.
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Hi @atoa

Your post is really good in steemit platform.

I appreciate your great work✅

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Hi @atoa, I suggest you add the # achievement1 tag first, this is necessary to validate your achievement.

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Ok but how do i do that please

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Hi, @atoa,

Your post has been supported by @bright-obias from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Ok thanks

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