Hi @brittandjosie thank you for dropping by. I acknowledge the work of @jamerussell but I start to consider again if we want to promote the work of The Terminal team as the founder of this team called kittygirl sounds very anti-Steem and more pro-Hive last time I visit the terminal discord. I'm not sure if it in the Steem community's best interest to keep promoting the work of The Terminal team on Steemit. I thought The Terminal is in neutral about Steem/Hive but it is not...
cc @steemcurator01

TheTerminal is more than happy to assist any Steem users that have questions. We rebranded to @theterminal a year ago with the launch of Hive so as to show allegiance to no particular blockchain, as we were previously @steemterminal. We are the sister-project of @heyhaveyamet which was founded on Steem in Oct-2018 and we remain proud of our origins on Steem and the large number of users we have assisted in the past. We have a larger number of users nowadays from Hive who are requesting assistance, but we never turn away anyone who seeks our help, whether from Steem or Hive. There have been many projects in the past to assist new Steem users (at least a dozen that can easily be named, maybe more), and we always worked together and coexisted quite well — there never seemed to be enough projects to reach all the new users! We at TheTerminal applaud what you are doing and are glad there are still several resources available to assist newly-joined Steemians!

Hi @theterminal thank you for your team's help and assistance to the newcomers of Steem blockhain particularly Steemit users. I'm glad that they are other projects dedicated to helping newcomers with their inquiries.
The thing that concerns me is that the founder of this project seems trying to paint Steem blockchain in a bad light and as Steem community members, I don't see this as a good thing for Steem blockchain reputation and best interest.

Your team has been mentioning on the Terminal discord server how Steem blockchain is not decentralized and all those comments about how incompetence and bad the works of Steem developers that will bring ruin to Steem blockchain are not the things we want the newcomers of Steem to read. This seems like an attempt to influence them to go to Hive as I see you all never mentioned any bad thing about Hive even if there is in my point of view. I apologized in advance that I have to put this screenshot of some of the conversations that you all have in there here out in public just to support/prove my point.

kittygirlfounderterminal.pngHow is this "show allegiance to no particular blockchain"?

theterminal02.pngI'm aware of this situation but trying to brainwash or spreading your Hive propaganda to newcomers of Steem on your discord server by putting Steemit and Steem blockchain in bad light most of the time is not good for Steem community as a whole.

cc @steemcurator01

I am sorry for the comment in that first screenshot. Two or three of us had been trying to assist a Steem user with an issue that was complicated by the removal of a feature from the Steemit platform without warning. My comment should have expressed frustration over that one feature's removal, nothing more. My apologies, and I will try to be more vigilant about over-sweeping generalizations in the future. You are absolutely correct that such can be distressing to others.

What was said in the second screenshot is merely the truth. Because of the huge stake that Steemit,Inc. holds, the Steem blockchain is not completely decentralized. But, it's fine for it to be run in a partially-centralized manner if everyone is okay with that. Perhaps I could reword that paragraph with a more positive spin. I will certainly give it a try.

Thank you for bringing these concerns forward, so I can improve my personal communication and try to be more neutral in the future.