📢Announcement : Join The Beginners Level Introductory Courses 📚

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Hello Newcomers! We have good news for you, Steemit Crypto Academy now has beginner-level or beginner-friendly crypto courses for you to join and learn about cryptocurrency.

These are The Six Introductory courses…

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 1 : STEEM & TRON by @sapwood

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 2 : Blockchain, Decentralization, Block explorer by @yousafharoonkhan

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 3 : Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Public chains by @stream4u

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 4 : Different types of Consensus Mechanisms by @sapwood

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 5: Dex, Cex, Popular Exchanges and Trading Cryptos by @imagen

Crypto Academy Season 3 Beginners' course - Task 6 : Blockchain Wallet-- Types, Uses, Installation, etc by @sapwood

The Beginners Level Introductory Courses are open with no expiry date.
Please double check that you will publish your homework task posts into the Crypto-Academy community…


There will be beginner-level weekly courses that have 6 days expiry too that The Steemit Crypto Academy will announce soon.

The Beginners Level Introductory Courses eligibility

  • can be joined by anyone that has complete until Achievement 4 of Newcomers Achievement Program
  • participants should have a minimum Reputation of 50+ and at least 125 SP(your own SP not delegation)
  • can be joined only 1 time, no second-time participation.
  • if you are powering down (power down your Steem Power), you will not be accepted into Steemit Crypto Academy.

Please make sure that you are eligible for the program in Steemit Crypto Academy especially this Beginners Level Introductory Courses before starting to write your homework task for these courses. This is so you not be surprised when the professor says you're not eligible for the courses and thus not receiving any reward or upvote for the task that you have completed.

We are hoping that you will continue your journey learning about cryptocurrency by participating in this Beginners Level Introductory Courses as it is beneficial for your cryptocurrency knowledge and you get reward by learning too 🤩

For more details about these courses please see this post by @steemitblog
The Steemit Crypto Academy: Season 3: Beginners Level Introductory Courses

Have fun learning with Steemit!

The Steem Greeters Team.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Question: I am an existing(not newcomer) Steemit user, can I still join this Beginners Level Introductory Courses?
Answer: These courses are to introduce anyone who is new to the world of cryptocurrency, anyone may join, BUT to be eligible you will have to complete the Newcomers Achievement Program until at least Achievement 4
Where is this Newcomers Achievement Program? Check out this post Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 2/June/2021

Question: Why I did not get an upvote for my achievements' task for Newcomers Achievement Program?
Answer: Newcomers Achievement Program is for newcomers of Steemit that registered into Steemit from the year 2021. Any user registered into Steemit before the year 2021 will not be eligible for the upvote, but you may participate in this program for educational purposes and to be eligible for the Beginners Level Introductory Courses.

 last month 

Thank you very mush for your guidance and support for developing our knowledge. I really appreciate your effort

 last month 

This is nice, i will key into the process

 last month 

Thank you for this, it would help us newcomers ,🤗

Hi.Life is worth 1 BITCOIN.Help as much as you can, any money will be help - BITCOIN address in LEGACY format 1BXqMGyek1hCxoaTyHmkQEcbLbkSJP2duE BITCOIN address in SegWit format bc1qts5efd872etyw7mgw0t0v3lwtw032dj4jgp5t7 Thank you all in advance!

 last month 

Excelente propuesta de unirnos a estos cursos para seguir aprendiendo sobre las criptomonedas.

 last month 

Hi @cryptokannon, please verify my my achievement 5 post

I posted since 6 days ago, but it hasn't been seen by the curators.
@steemcurator01, @steemcurator03
 last month 

Thank you @cryptokannon for having these courses. I'm currently following the courses.

Nice! Happy learning 😃📚

 last month 

Great development here. Thank you

 last month 

Hello @cryptokannon, My Achievement 5 has been verified, but I haven't received a Vote from the curator, please check. Thank you

 last month 

Thank you

 last month 

Good day everyone. Please i am new here. I was told to join the newcommer community, but i dont know what to do. can anyone put me through please? Thank you very plenty.

@unique-dope Hi welcome to Steemit! Please see the Newcomers Achievement Program section on this post Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 2/June/2021

 last month 

Thank you @cryptokannon. I've checked and I've gone through almost all the links. I will tag you when I submit my introduction post. I hope to have a good stay among everyone. Thank you for responding to my questions.

 last month 

hola @cryptokannon me quiero unir ya termine todas mis tareas en la comunidad de recien llegados

Congrats! Hope you will be finishing this Beginner courses as well 😊

 last month 

hi @cryptokannon You can add me to the 500sp program, help me, I don't have even 5sp in my account and I need you to help me, please, I ask you from my heart.

 last month 

Hola amigo unas sugerencias, espero no lo tomes mal.. trata de invertir algo en la plataforma haciendo "Power Up" NO power down y no sacar todas las recompensas que ganas, haz tu mejor esfuerzo participa en concursos de manera competitiva e invierte un porcentaje de lo ganado y crecerás aquí de lo contrario estás perdiendo tu tiempo.

 last month 

gracias por tu consejo, tranquila . un cosejo para ti tambien deberias completar tu tareas de logros , apenas vas por el cuatro y ve que ya tienes suficiente tiempo para haberlo hecho. hasta luego amiga😉💖

 last month 

Muy bueno, tengo mi cuenta de Steemit desde hace unos años pero nunca le habia dado uso, pero nunca es tarde para empezar los cursos.

@koll Hola, sí, puedes empezar siempre que puedas, ya que el Programa de Logros para Recién Llegados está abierto a todo el mundo, pero sólo los recién llegados a partir de 2021 recibirán upvote, los antiguos usuarios participan en este programa sólo para poder acceder a los cursos para principiantes de la Academia Steemit y para aprender.

 last month 


 last month 

Hola @cryptokannon yo tengo una pregunta. Tengo en steemit desde junio del año pasado 2020, solo hice el logro 1 porque no creí necesario hacer el resto de los logros ya que ese conocimiento ya lo tenia. Quiero saber si debo hacer los logros para participar en las tareas de la cryptoacademy. Yo participé en algunas tareas de la segunda temporada, cada semana hacía por lo menos una. ¿debo hacer los logros ahora aun teniendo mas de un año y habiendo participado en las tareas anteriores?, si la respuesta es si ¿debo continuar desde el segundo logro o volver a empezar? Ya que eso fue el año pasado con @anasuleidy que me invito a hacerlo

 last month 

Excellent work 👍

@abigailaadap Hola! Puedes empezar desde el Logro 2 y luego hasta el Logro 4 como mínimo para poder optar a estos Cursos de Iniciación.

 last month 

Hello @cryptokanno, my achievement3 was not curated and it has expired...

I applied for 30 SP delegation support.
But not verified.
May i know to don’t verified my application. Known to me please.

 last month 

Buenas tardes felicidades apreciada @Cryptokannon me uniré al estudio y así crecer de manera educativa, muchas gracias

Nice! Happy learning 😃

 last month 

Respected @cryptokannon thanks for these kind explainations.. and by the way what about Greeters helper's applications ???
Do you still approving that applications ??

Hi we will announce here if we will need more greeter helpers. For now, we no need yet.

 last month 

Ok thank you for guiding me out... And let me tell you Respected @cryptokannon I am doing this job without being Greeter's helper....
As I love to guide new users and for the betterment of STEEMIT what is possible I'll do my best 😊
Again thank you and have a nice day 🙂

 last month 


I finished all my tasks in the community of newcomers.
I will join the study and thus grow in an educational way, thank you very much.

Thanks 😊

@allahnawaz03 Congratulations! Happy learning, hope you will be completing this beginner introductory courses too 😃

 last month 

Please what if you have completed Achievement task 4 but has not been verified?

Hello Sir, it has been eight full days and my Achivment1 has not been verified yet.I request all of you to go to my Achivment1 very soon. I am so thankful.

Hi! @glophil you will have to wait for your achievement 4 to be verified first

 last month 

Kk. Thanks for your reply.

 last month 

Nice one 🌹
Please vote for me

Please do not beg for upvote here

 last month 


 last month 

Thanks so much

 last month 

Thanks do much at cryptokannon most of us are down with our reputation but we are doing all we can to be active when it shall start thanks again for the update

Informasi yang bagus, tapi saya pendatang baru tentu harus belajar banyak tentang ini. Tq

like your post
follow me

This is great. Looking forward to going through the course

 last month 

Thanks and amazing guide

 last month 
 last month 

Thank you for shearing this, I will try to follow up this couse.

Great! Thanks for sharing, will definitely take a look and refresh on some of the basics :)

 last month 
Hola, Buenas Noches Amiga Cryptokanon , soy recien llegada y estoy entusiasmada en educarme y obtener el suficiente conocimiento para crecer en esta plataforma, por lo cual quiero poder unirme a los cursos introductorios y aprender sobre Cryptomonedas. Ahora bien, dentro de las pautas de la elegibilidad para los cursos introductorios nivel principiante están descritas dos, que en realidad no comprendo por que no tengo el conocimiento y son la segunda que se trata de: Reputación mínima 50+ y al menos 125 SP propio no delegados. La otra pauta es la ultima que refiere a: Si está apagando (apague su Steem Power), no sera aceptado en Steemit Crypto Acdemy .Por lo cual solicito la asesoría al respecto de estas pautas, si esta dentro de sus posibilidades poder ayudarme.De antemano le agradezco y le pido disculpas por si le he causado alguna molestia.

Hi @margarita5218 you will have to get your reputation to above 50. Now your reputation is 47 and your steem power is 18sp. To increase your reputation you will have to publish a lot of posts and ask users with a higher reputation to support your post but don't begging for an upvote. If you do not power down your steem power then you are fine to join steemit academy. I hope I have clarified your confusion. You may ask @inspiracion too for a better explanation in spanish.

 last month 

Excelente, me encantan las cryptomonedas, lamentablemente mi SP está en 111 todavía. Saludos

 last month 

Excelente estoy contenta porque ya casi termino logros para hacer las tareas.

 last month (edited)

Good work but we are pleading that you please help us too,to the requirements and able to join it.

Thank u for sharing.

 20 days ago 

This is a great idea,I am joining right away

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