Curation List for 500SP Minnow Support Program

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Hello beautiful people of Steemit!

Here we will list out all the Steemit Users that eligible for the 500 SP Minnowsupport Program.
We will be updated this list weekly and this post will be pinned at the Newcomers Community here
Our curators will curate your post in a rotation of at least 2 times per week depends on how many participants in the program and how many have successfully reach 500SP on their all-time author rewards and then being delisted from the program.
Even if we have delisted your account name from the program, we will still visit your post from time to time if you still active posting and commenting on other users' posts.
You will be put in our Proof of Dedication Steemit Users Whitelist.

List of 500 SP Minnow Support for Existing Steemit Users

Details of this program you can check here 500SP Minnow Support Program for Existing Steemit Users

NoUserAll-time Author SP
1@trabajosdelsiglo317 SP
2@bright-obias428 SP
3@whitestallion367 SP
4@lipon217 SP
5@mahiuddinkhan127 SP
6@cripto2000234 SP
7@shaon2553 SP
8@sahilgupta311 SP
9@ayat525144 SP
10@tapu333357 SP
11@rex00729 SP
12@vishwara73 SP
13@shajj131 SP
14@muzito08363 SP
15@elmahmudi0.86 SP
16@naniarmansyah6.27 SP

List of 500 SP Minnow Support for Newcomers

Details of this program you can check here 500 SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers

NoUserAll-time Author SP
1@mccoy02112 SP
2@razuahmed85 SP
3@rasel72113 SP
4@mdshanto60 SP
5@sachin08463 SP
6@okoyejoshua72 SP
7@eh-shohag162 SP
8@sobuj28244 SP
9@boss7564 SP
10@stream4u74 SP
11@sm-shagor303 SP
12@jmsthree73 SP
13@bambamaru202080 SP

Proof of Dedication Steemit Users Whitelist.


4 out of 7 of the users in this list have become our Country Representatives, and they have earned quite good earnings now on Steemit as they are very active users and also actively contribute value to the Steemit Community.
We hope everyone will do the same too, engaging/commenting with other users and actively giving value to the community 😊

Our curators will be curating this curation lists based on the Curation Method here with the Steemit Community Account @steemcurator03.

The Steemit Users under this program must abide to the rules of the program as following:

  • Your contents must be plagiarism free and provide value to the community, concept of Proof of Brain in practise.
  • Your content can be posted at any community of your interest.
  • Please remember to support the members in the Newcomers Community by commenting and greeting the newcomers on Achievement 1.
  • You must use Steemit to post your content.
  • Extra upvotes for those who share their Steemit post on Twitter. Please provide the screenshot and link of your tweet post on your post comment section, only apply to those who have more than 30 followers.
  • We will delist your account from the curation list if you have become inactive for more than 30 days.

Happy Steeming beautiful people of Steemit!

Kind Regards,
The Steem Greeters Team.

 6 months ago 

500SP Minnowsupport Program for Newcomers
2nd Round

Curated No 1-No 5, No 7- No 13, on 26/9/2020.

@rex-sumon by Steem Greeters Team.

 7 months ago (edited)

Curated List of 500 SP Minnow Support for Existing Steemit Users
Curated No 2 - No 4, Nº6-10, Nº12- Nº13 y Nº16 on 22/9/2020.

@edlili24 by Steem Greeters Team.

 7 months ago (edited)

500SP Minnowsupport Program for Newcomers

Curated No 1-No 5, Nº7-11, on 23/9/2020.

@rex-sumon by Steem Greeters Team.

Hello Friend,
I am very grateful for all the support, for my part, count on me to help and share what I have received! Thank you very much for your mention and for your trust!

Greetings and blessings!

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

 7 months ago 

@Cryptokannon thanks for compiling this, i could see myself on the second number of the existing steemians under 500sp, thanks for giving me the privilege to join them there. Moving steem to its higher plane has been drive here.

 7 months ago 

@cryptokannon, thank u for the support.

I think this is a good job to rebuild steemit, by getting the support of steem power to appreciate useful content for everyone, I hope this job goes well.

Thanks for the support @cryptokanon

Ben öncelikle sizi türkiye de sevgilerimle kucaklıyorum. Ama biraz kırgınım ihtiyacım var ve kazanmiyorum

I'm sure users under the program would be motivated to stay consistent as well as newcomers who are currently on the achievement tasks. They should know that they are not alone here and we are always more than happy to assist 😁.

Thanks for supporting and motivating me.Hopefully I will try to follow all the rules.

nice. i love seeing these sort of things. twas my goal when i started, but steem was too fresh way back then, and the tools lees developed ;)
such smile. good day :)

 7 months ago 

Wow, 7 new people from Bangladesh have joined the list of new minnow support. The people of Bangladesh are doing a good job.
Congratulated all

I will check it out and tell the Philippines team and people who also want to stay on Steemit from APPICS. I'm not trying to brainwash them but that's all I can say if they ask me based on my experience being here in the platform. You should also set your retention measures to keep your members from leaving steemit too. Thanks.

Please could you tell me where to post to receive a vote, thank you very much

 7 months ago 

I am grateful to you for prior support.
You verified & upvoted on achievement-6.
Probably you forgot to label.
Please, glance on the post.
Achievement-6 Link :

Thanks for sharing this.

 7 months ago 

This is steem.history, who is working as a steem witness.
Is there anything I can do to help with this project?

If you want, I can support 500sp each.
(Max 3000sp now, but you can increase it gradually.)

Hi @steem.history thank you for your offer, we will contact you again for this offer and we might use it as a reward to our most active newcomers that contributing value to the steemit community.

 7 months ago 

Okay I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

I am new in the community, but i can see there is a really strong movement in here. I am glad to know you have these Support Program.

Hi @manito92 we have a community for newcomers to post any topic of their interest here at this community Steemit Nursery

 7 months ago 

@cryptokannon, I did not see my name in the list and I am qualified for this program.

we will update this list weekly and added the qualified users shortly.

 6 months ago 

#cryptokannon, alright.

Oh, wow. This just got started. There are about to be a ton of new people.

 6 months ago 

To the best of my knowledge this is very encouraging and i am very happy for the enlisted usres

Congratulation everyone!👏👏

 6 months ago 

Curated List of 500 SP Minnow Support for Existing Steemit Users
2nd Round
Curated Nº 1- Nº 4 and Nº6-Nº9 on 28/09/2020

@edlili24 by Steem Greeters Team.

 6 months ago 

Curated List of 500 SP Minnow Support for Existing Steemit Users
2nd Round
Curated Nº 10, Nº12-Nº13, and Nº16 on 29/09/2020

@edlili24 by Steem Greeters Team.

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