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Hello Newcomers!
In this post, we would like to introduce you to the current members of The Steem Greeters Team.
The team consist of several appointed Country Representatives that have expressed their interest to help in The Steem Greeters Team project.

They will be your mentor and also the curator for the specific task in the achievement program.

If you have anything to ask or not clear about something regarding your achievement task, you may mention them in the comment section of their latest blog post, or look out for them for guidance on your achievement task.
Each of the achievement tasks will be curated and mentor by different people.
So make sure you ask the right person and also please respond to their request on any improvement or correction on your achievement task.

Achievement 1:

@fendit - for Spanish speakers and other
@tocho2 - for Venezuelan newcomers.
@randulakoralage - for Indian subcontinents and other
@tarpan - for Bangladesh newcomers.
@beautychicks - for African continents.
@njaywan - for African continents.
@radjasalman - for Indonesian newcomers.
@girolamomarotta - European, North America newcomers.

Achievement 2:


Achievement 3


Achievement 4:


Achievement 5:


Achievement 6:


The Greeter Fairy Team

They will be guiding the newcomers that is still outside of the Newcomers Community, into the Newcomers Community and also introduce you to the programs that we The Steem Greeters Team currently have for newcomers and the Steem Community.


The Greeter

They will be greeting you and introduce you the programs in the Steem Community and also by The Steem Greeters Team.


Curators for 500SP Minnow Support Program


We looking forward to guiding you in your journey to get to know Steem Ecosystem better.

Kind Regards,
The Steem Greeters Team.

*updated 2nd October 2020


Great introduction 🤩glad to be a part of steem POD team

Thank you for the great teamwork from your end.

chào các bạn, mình là , ích

What a great team!! 💪✌️

I'm glad you all step forward to help

Glad to be part and help all those who are just starting here in Steemit!
Thank you for the guidance, kannon! 😁

I'm happy you all willing to step up and help the community thrive

Thanks for making this much needed post and I am glad to be a part of this team.

 4 months ago (edited)

This post was much needed, in fact, I was about to discuss it with you. Happy to see this.

Thank you for stepping up and helping with the project.

My pleasure.

 4 months ago 

Such a post was needed. Thank you for the introduction post.

 4 months ago (edited)

Terrific introduction post, thank you!

I am glad to be a part of the Steem Greeters Team.

This post will really guide/help newcomers to directly contact us if they have any query, I know our Greeter Fairy Team will find them first.

Team, let's update our greeter's template with this post link.

what a great team !

Thank you @cryptokannon for giving me a responsibility. Glad to join the POD team.

Thanks for the intro.

Thank you very much @cryptokannon!! I've learnt a lot thanks to you, and I'm very happy to help newcomers to find this amazing and extremely useful community!

 4 months ago 

I am happy to belong to this wonderful team...!

Great team, thank you @cryptokannon

Many thanks for this post and for organizing all this.

And thank you to all the members of the Steem Greeters team.

The Steemit Team

Terimakasih, semoga saya mampu menjalankan kepercayaan ini.

 4 months ago 

The Steem Greeters Team .
Actually the main driving force Steem Greeters Team of steem.Teach newcomers how to work.

Thank you for supporting newcomers

 4 months ago 

All team members is awesome

 4 months ago 

An excellent team to maintain updates and support for new members of the Steemit platform. I am adjusting my work schedule, along with some field visits to recruit more users, plus a small promotion project and to exercise my commitments on the platform.

Steemit will be promoted by everyone.

Thanks for making much impact here @cryptokannon you're doing great

This is a very nice illustration of the Steem greeters organization.

 4 months ago 

Hola muchas gracias por la información, así podemos conocer quien nos puede ayudar ante alguna duda para superar cada logro estipulado.

Thanks a lot. I'm new comer ! Great team Work for New Comers. Support me @iamjabez

 4 months ago 

Excellent! Thanks for this and thanks for all, dear friend @cryptokannon. Greetings from #venezuela.

 4 months ago 

Now I'm also a member 😊

Great team, super excited to the part of this community

@cryptokannon doing a fabulous job and you have a great team,best of luck. This will ency lot of newcomers 👍😊❤️

Hihi 😊 Trying to get more active on here. 🙃

 3 months ago 

Thanks for the useful info, friend @cryptokannon. I need to ask you something: Which are the requirements for becoming a country representative? Anticipated thanks for your answer.🙏🏻🙂

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