Achievement 6 Task by @dentil : Understanding Curation and Community

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I am very excited to do my final achievement task. I have been off steemit for a while because I went to a very remote village for a project and had little or no internet connection whatsoever. But I am back and I am happy steemit is still around.
Thank you @cryptokannon for the assistance from the beginning of my achievement task 1 up until my final task.

Now to confirm that I have indeed understood the objectives of Achievement Task 6, let me answer the questions that were given.




Do you understand how voting and curation work in steemit?

Yes please, I do.
There are two main types of voting. A user can either downvote a post or upvote a post.


The green arrow pointing up represents upvote and the opposite arrow, normally red represents the downvote.

You can upvote and downvote content by another user. You can vote on even comments. Upvoting means you're in favor of whatever the user-posted but downvoting means, you're not in favor of the content. Mostly, downvoted content may seem abusive, contain nudity, or when the user had plagiarized.

The person making a post or content is called the Author whereas the person casting a vote is a Curator. Steemit rewards both persons. The rewards of an author are simply known as the Author Rewards whereas that of a curator is the Curator Reward.
The rewards are in Steem, Steem back dollar(SBD), and Steem Power(SP) but mostly SBDand SP. This is redeemed into a user's wallet after 7 days of posting. A reward will only be redeemed into the wallet when it is $0.02 or above.
NB; All users are both curators and authors. After the 7 days, it is divided into 50% author reward and 50% curator rewards.

A user's voting power is dependent on his or her steem Power(SP). The two are directly proportional; the higher the SP, the higher the voting power.
Users with SP less than 500 have 100% voting power with their voting mana reducing by 2% whenever they upvote. There's good news because this increases by 20% every 24 hours.

If a user is able to build his or her steem Power to say more than 500SP, whenever he or she votes, a slider shows which enables him to determine the voting percentage that he wishes to cast his votes.


What happened if you vote for a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?

The curator's 50% share of the reward is calculated within the first five minutes after posting with a certain percentage going to the curator and the other percentage remaining within the reward pool.

After a minute
20% of the reward goes to the curator and 80% is left in the reward pool.

After 2 minutes
40% of rewards go to the curator and 60% is left in the reward pool.

After 3 minutes
60% of the reward goes to the curator and 40% remains in the reward pool.

After 4 minutes
80% of the rewards go to the curator and 20% remain in the reward pool.

In 5 minutes and afterward
100% of the rewards go to the curator


Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?

I will vote for @justy and @steemchiller for steem Witness. This is because their creations; and respectively have really been of great help to not just me but a lot of steemians as well. They have actually made understanding my account simple, also I have learned an easy way of delegating which I believe, at any time soon will be of use to me when delegating to my communities.


Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?

I have already joined some communities on steemit.


I joined steemghana mainly because I am a Ghanaian and would love to interact more with Ghanaian steemians

Writers & Review and Steeming community

I joined these communities so as to post my write-ups and read interesting ones as well. So far, I have not been able to make any submissions in the writers & review community but I will sooner or later

World Of Xpilar, DraftCrearte, Art & Lifestyle

I joined these communities so that I could put my drawings and designing into proper use and also learn from experts.

NB: I believe that all the other communities that I have joined will go a long way to help me someday.

All too soon, the journey of doing my achievement task has come to an end, now I effectively indulge myself in steemit fully.



Hey @dentil , this is Aniqa Mashkoor a greeter helper.

Congratulations you have successfully completed all your achievement tasks from 1 till 6. Now you can compile all of them in a single post.

Hope so you learned and enjoyed while making your achievements.


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Happy steeming :)

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Hi, @dentil,

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