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Hello Steemians,
How are you all doing. I give glory to God Almighty for making this day possible for us to see. Today I'm here to discuss about my Achievement 5 Task1 on the topic;

Steemworld is a separate website of Steemit that is built by steemchiller, to store, and retrieve our private posting key, Memo key and active key that are only readable from our browser. Steemworld has some useful tools /information which are;

  • Your Voting Power
  • Your Vote Amount
  • Stats
  • Steem Links
  • Rewards Summary
  • Account Operations etc

How to check Reward Summary for All time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account?

To check Reward Summary for All Time, last 30 days and last 7 days for your account all you need to do is to Scrolling down to where you will see a tab titled "Rewaed Summary" as shown from the screenshot below.

  • All Time
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 7 Days

The reward summary is divided into 3 categories which is stated above. There all shows me the summary of the reward my account have earned by showing me the details of my earning such as; Curation SP, Author SP, SDB, STEEM and also the total value in USD.

What is Delegations

Delegation simply mean the transfer of Steem Power to support a communities or another users in the platform. The person or community that a SP is been Delegated to will receive a high voting power because that person Steem power has been increase.

Types of Delegation

Delegation are of two (2) types which are; Incoming and Outgoing Delegation

Incoming Delegation:

Is the type of Delegation that we received from another users. When a community or users delegate SP to you what you received is known as incoming Delegation.

Outgoing Delegation:

Delegation is said to be outgoing when you delegate your SP to another Users or communities.

How to Delegate Steem Power (SP)

To be able to delegate Steem Power (SP), there are some certain things that you need to understand and put in place which are given below;

  • You must have a Steem power of at least 500 SP in your wallet.
  • You can only delegate Steem Power if you are not powering down.
  • You cannot power down the Steem power that has already been Delegated out.
  • You can cancel the Steem Power that you have Delegated at anytime.
  • You can make use of the Steem Power that you cancel after 7 days.
  • The Steem power that is Delegate to you can not be Delegated to another users.

Below is the steps on how you can Delegate Steem Power (SP)

Step 1: On the "Delegation bar", Click on Delegate at shown below.
Step 2: At the Pop up window as shown from the screenshot below will appear, fill it and then click on Ok.
Step 3: After clicking on Ok, confirm your action in the next window that will appear on your screen.

Step 4: Enter your Steem private key in the Authentication tab, to complete your Delegation.

How to check Incoming and Outgoing Votes

To check incoming vote go to Stats bar and you will see Vote count and Voting CSI that are under the Stats you will see Incoming Vote (Inc. Votes and Outgoing Votes (Out) the both are at the right hand side panel, click on them to check their stats.
If you click on the Inc. Votes a graphical chart will be shown to you with a details of your incoming votes. The graph is titled Incoming Votes Top 250. In the graph there is and Upvote if you click on it a drop down menu will show. You can the view your Downvote informations of your incoming votes.
The same procedures is also use to check the Outgoing Vote. Below is the screenshot of the outgoing vote chart.

How to check account operations for the past 7 days and what all details can be checked?

Click on "Account Operation Tab" you will see Today, Yesterday, 2Days Ago to 7Days Ago. Click the the "7Days Ago" tab as shown from the screenshot below.
In the account operation you can see all the activities that took place in your account within the last 7days. You can hide irrelevant information and also fitter your details as Incoming or Outgoing.

What are author, curation, and beneficiary rewards

Author Rewards:

Author Reward is the reward that your post earn for you. In a nutshell is the reward that you received from the post you write. The author Reward is usually available after 7days of post.

Curation Rewards:

Curation Rewards is the reward that we received when we upvoted another user post.

Beneficiaryy rewards:

Beneficiary Reward is the percentage of author Reward that is donate to other users as a way of charities.

How to check your upvote value and at different voting weights using this tool?

You can check your upvoting value or power, by going to the Stars bar then you will see 2 tabs at the top hand right panel side on the homepage then click on **Stimulate SP.
From the screenshot above, my voting power is 113.23 SP and is not up the required amount of SP that is required for voting. This means that I have to have and SP of 500 above before I can be able to start voting.


I'm indeed grateful to @cryptokannon who her guidelines on Achievement 5 was the supporting tools that I use in writing this post.

Best regards:


Thank you so much.....

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I am happy to announce that i have successfully verified your achievement 5.1 post. Now you are eligible for performing your next achievement task.



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Thank you so much

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