Application For Greeter Helper By @eh-shohag

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My Dear Friends,
This is @eh-shohag from 🇧🇩Bangladesh


To Greeter Team,
Warm greetings to all. In beginning I would like to thank @cryptokannon for disclosing such an opportunity. It's a great pleasure for everyone to play the role.

My name is Shohag. I am from Bangladesh. As a person I am very friendly. I believe in my works as always. I am a student of Islamic University, Bangladesh. I have completed my BBA program in Accounting & Information Systems. I have to wait for post graduation in this epidemic.

Language preference : I am trying to learn different languages. Especially I would like to learn Arabic as well as Hindi. In fact, I am proficient in English & Bangla. That's why I want to check/help the achievement tasks in English & Bangla.

Here is My All Achievement Tasks

Achievement 1 : It is the primary stage of a newcomer. Here I want to check his verification bio-data in details. I will try to check whether he/she is fake or authentic.

Achievement 2 : Basic security of steemit is very much important to the newcomers. They must have to know the usages of posting key, private active key, private owner key, memo key & master password. I will clarify about the keys if they don't understand.

Achievement 3 : A unique post presents individuality. That's why content etiquette is very much important. Here I will suggest them about what is plagiarism & how to use someone's works.

Achievement 4 : Well structured & presented must deserve appreciation. Without applying markdown a post is seen orderless. I will check their post from different aspects of the usages of applying markdown.

Achievement 5 : A pro newcomer should know about the steemit tools. I will poin out the different points of,,, How much important these tools to check the transactions in this platform.

Achievement 6 : Significantly I will check or suggestion what do they mean by curation, voting mana, witness, vote for witness, community. They must have to know the proper usages of these matters.

I will be very grateful if the opportunity comes to me. Thanks a lot @cryptokannon.

Have any questions to know about me? Please leave a comment without any hesitation.I will humbly try to answer.


 2 months ago 

You are a good minded person and there is a lot of beauty in your steemit work. Personally I like your work very much. Let your application be accepted.

 2 months ago 

Thank you

 2 months ago (edited)

আপনি খুবই সুন্দরভাবে উপস্থাপন করেছেন। আশাকরছি তারা আপনার Application গ্রহণ করবে।

 2 months ago 

Thank you.

My pleasure..

 2 months ago 

Shohag, you're really doing a good job in the best of bangladesh community. I hope the greeter team approves your application.

 2 months ago 

Thank you.