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Hello steemit World, My name is Eshal and I am so pleases as being a new steemians here .I am 21 years old and I belong to a Faisalabad,city of punjab, Pakistan.Faisalabad,formerly known as Lyallpur,is the third largest metropolis in Pakistan.The city is an important center of trade and industry.The reason Faisalabad is called Manchester of pakistan because it's the biggest textile city of Pakistan.

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My area of work:

I am studing BS Botany from University of Faisalabad .My University is second in the ranking.Every Subject is taught in it.It caters to the diverse needs of society by imparting education in almost all the major fields of learning.People from almost every city come here to study.At the Botany Department we learn about Plants.


My Experience with crypto

I don't have much experience in crypto but i hope i will learn because I am interested in it.During this pandemic ,I have taken online classes to learn it. My teacher @ cryptocraze who is also using steemit instruct me about steemit and ask me to create an account.Thats why i created an account here and also invited my friends to make an account& learn about steemit blogs. I wanna make some steem to save for my university.

My Passion and my hoby:

My hobbies are travelling.I have also travelled of northern areas like Murree,Sawat, Naran and Kaghan.These are very Beautiful hilly areas.I also have pictures of these beautiful places.These places are very close to nature and reminds me of its creator.I always feel so peaceful here whenever I went there.these areas contain beautiful lakes, mountains and greenary areas.
I always travelled with my fellows from university tour each year.My first tour was of Murree which is very famous beautiful area in pakistan.I enjoyed a lot of here with teachers and friends at this tour.

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My next tour was to Naran kaghan.There are many beautiful valleys in Naran & Kaghan.Tear( Ansu) valley is one of them.Its shape is like a tear.Siri pay is the name of a hat.From there you can see the whole area of Naran Kaghan.The temperature there is less than minus five degress.we took milk packs and biscuits with us so that we could get energy.And to get to this top, we had to go through a forest.There were all kind of big tress in it.It rained on the way.We took pictures and enjoyed it.It was a memorable trip.We got back to our hotel at ten o'"clock at night.

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Art and Painting:

I am very fond of Painting too.During this pandemic, I make beautiful paintings everyday.Because I love colors paintings makes me forget my second tension-it's a good thing.By putting them on walls I decorate the house.I have a lot of paintings in my bedroom.I want to fill the world with the colors of happiness.My friends also come to me to learn painting.Throwing paint on canvas is one of the best feeling.


Photography and Modelling;

Good scenes of natures attract everyone.I am one of them.This passion has been growing in me Since I joined my university.I want to capture the beauty in frame.


My Career ;

As I mentioned above that I am doing my BS in Botany so Botany was not my choice nor my parents force me to do that.Probably because most people don't even know which field to go to.The same thing happened to me.A frined of mine was studying in the University.One Day I go to her home and asked her what to do next for my University life.She said I'll apply for you in Botany and Chemistry.Then what, she applied to both and make my merit in botany and now it's my fourth semester.Now it seems that the field is not so bad.Now i will become a teacher and also plant plants.Clean Pakistan,Happy Pakistan.

I would like to the thanks @cryptokraze and steem infinity zone who told me about steemit.I am excited and looking to learn and grow here.

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Welcome @eshal .🥰 Your introduction post realy Inspiring 👍
Let's shine and grow together. I really like your photography and painting skills ❤

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@shama26 ; Thanku soo much for support and love.

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Hey @eshal,

Welcome to Steemit. Thanks for your lovely introduction. Steemit is a Blockchain based platform which rewards you for creating original content. To succeed, you just need to engage with others. You can start by replying to all comments in your posts. Read other people's writeups and leave a reply. Subscribe to communities of your interest here and participate in contests that rewards in Steem.

If you stay active, you will be supported here by others. I wish you a great experience blogging on Steemit.

I share with you the awesome Newcomers Program by @cryptokannon. By completing these tasks, you can learn more about the Steemit ecosystem.

Lists of Achievement Tasks,Resources & Materials : Newcomers Resources

For general information on Steem, follow @steemitblog.

You may now proceed to the next achievement task following the article.

Best wishes,

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@brahmaputra ; So happy to see your comment and thanks for guiding here.I hope I'll succeed soon.Could you please help me to known how to follow others?

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@brahmaputra ; So Happy to see your comment here and thanks for guiding .

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Hey @eshal, Welcome to steemit. Your introduction is so good and I cannot resist appreciating your painting skills. The picture you shared is just wonderful.
Hope so you'll enjoy here on steemit.

Follow @steemitblog for all updates.
Happy steeming :)

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@aniqamashkoor ; Thanks Dear Aniqa for showing love and support.

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One of the best introductory post I have seen. I welcome you to steemit and I can tell you that you have a great journey ahead on steemit.

Get ready to learn more and more.

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@cryptocraze ; Thanks for understanding me here .

Hi @eshal

Welcome to Steemit, nice to see you here
please check the post from @cryptokannon entitled Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated, it might help you
Good luck 😁

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@ khezcute ; thanks a lot Dear.Surley i'll see the post [email protected]

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@khexcute ; Thanks dear .

Welcome @eshal !

Congratulations !
You have successfully completed achievement 1 on "Verification Through Introduction". Your next task is to complete
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Bohat ala .If you dont mind give me your contact number.🤗