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Hello everyone❗

I hope all will be from of the goodness. And all will be happy .
And In the past I complete my Achievement 1 and Achievement 2. So, Today i moved up my next task . And I am very happy because my 2 achievements is verified. And I hope my 3rd achievement is also verified. And I hope i will try to my best for my 3rd achievement.
And know i read all the contect etiquette. Because when I started working at steemit I don't know about it's content etiquette. So, I fastly read it's etiquette in the helping post of @cryptokannon. After I read this post I make some pictures for my achievement and. I worked hard for the preparation of 3rd achievement .
And know i am ready to explain contents etiquette.
picture source : pixabay.com


And I know my contents etiquette is dependents on my original content and not be dependent upon plagiarism.
"Let me explain the contents etiquette in my simple words".
First of all, if I want my content is original. So, I need i know about the plagiarism.

picture source : pixabay.com

Plagiarism :-

Plagiarism is unprofessional act in steemit. And the word Plagiarism is depend on Plagiarius its mean is Kidnapped or kidnapper.
If you copy to another's person ideas and thoughts. And you say its your ideas so it is called plagiarism.
Plagiarism is a cheating a other person. Plagiarism is also called to steal words, ideas, thoughts of another person.

Types of plagiarism:-

There are many types of plagiarism. Such as Complete plagiarism , Global plagiarism , Self plagiarism and Reference plagiarism. They are many types of it.

No1. Complete plagiarism:-

As the name implies . If your all content is copy by another person so it is called complete plagiarism. And you all data will be from of plagiarism.

No2. Global plagiarism:-

It is the used at the level of college or university. In which the students take all help from other websites such as Google.
They get all the information from the server website and put it in their post .it is called the Global plagiarism.

No3. Self plagiarism:-

And in which i visit in other websites with the resources of internet and read the all information which i want. And if i understand it in the better way .
Then i use all information in post with own simple words and i changed some such as synonyms etc. But its not good for checkers then i should be put the name of author. And In the example my all data is called borrowing materials.

No4. Reference plagiarism:-

If i visit on any website and take help for solving my problems. But then i forget it's not own my thoughts. And i know everyone has want a short time for every work. And if i visit website and, take help from it. Then i need to put the proper reference below in our work. And it is very good effort for checkers.


Picture source : pixabay.com

Avoid to plagiarism

First of all, if i serious in my work. Then, i may be avoid from the plagiarism.
And if i take any help with the resources of internet such as Google. So, i put the proper reference below to our work .
If I read any books for solve my problems i should be put the name of book.
Mostly i take a help from peoples and books. So, I should be give proper reference for checkers.
And I should be used my mind.


At the end of my post now I am read all the instructions about contents etiquette.
I hope you really like my struggle. And you really like my post.
And in the future I will try to my best and best.
Thanks for visiting my post ❤.

My first achievement is also verified.

Link is here.

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We can't verify it at this time, use the source link if you take someone else's picture.

Follow these instructions : Achievement 3

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Mr @irawandedy Thanks for this information❤
And all pictures pick on pixabay.com
And I wrote it myself.


And i really thankful to you for your carefully information. And thanks to guide me about my mistakes.

Hey @farannabeel, This is Aniqa Mashkoor, A greeter helper.

You have completed your achievement 3 about plagiarism. Hope so with completion of this achievement you must have gain all the knowledge about how to source and cite.


NOTE If your images are from free sources then also provide it's source so that it can be checked.
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Your next task is to complete achievement 4 Achievement 4 : Applying Markdown

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Thanks for this favour and really thankful for your information about my post. ❤

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Thanks Mr @steemcurator03 for this favour ❤.
And I am also thankful to Mr @sm-shagor for support me as a Greeter team helper .
And I am very happy to work at this platform. And I also happy to verified my achievements . And I hope i will try to my best and best.

My best wishes for all your team members.