Achievement 2 @farhanali Task : Basic Security on Steem

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Hi, friends hope you all are fine and shine, it this to move towards achievement 2, Today I'm going to write about basic security on steem.

Steem uses a hierarchical keep system to make accounts safe, here is a list of keys with description.


Master Password

All Key are derived from the Master password, you can control your account by your master password, user can change whole keys using this Master password

1: Posting Key

As named is reflecting the purpose of this key, posting key just for posting, commenting and voting this key have is just for a limited purpose and you can log in with this key into the esteem and other steem powered social networks, No one can access your funds using this key but still secure your keys first it's really important.

2 : Active Key

This key is used for transfer funds and exchanging tokens in the internal market and also used for other purposes listed below, make sure before giving this key to apps they can steal your funds by this key.

3 : Owner Key

This is key is used for changing the other keys and recovery of the account. it is the most important key because using this key we can key so keep this key in place and secure place.

4: Memo Key

This key is used for encrypting and decrypting the private message. using this user can send encrypted messages and view encrypted messages.


Now we have some additional key here in Steemit after TRON and Steemit Integration, users will get additional TRX in rewards, so we have additional keys here to manage our TRX.

TRON account public key:

This key is for public means using this key anyone can send you tokens. and it's public everyone can see this. and you can see all transactions and details using this key on TRONSCAN.

Here you can see my Account Details on TRON SCAN:


TRON account Private key:

This key is the most important key this shows the ownership of the account, the authority to that account using this key you can sign a transaction on TRON Blockchain, and transfer tokens to another TRON account, voting and staking your TRX to gain some rewards.

Here you can see Public Key and Private Key (Download in PDF) and key this in a secure place:


Q1: Here is a list of questions I'm going to answer one by one:

Have you retrieved all your keys on steemit?

Ans: Yes, I have retrieved my all keys and saved them in a secure place and one of the best things is writing keys on paper so no one can steal your keys it's the most secure way to protect keys.

Q2: Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?

Ans: Yes I know the function and restricitons of each key and describe above.

Q3: How do you plan to keep your master password?

Ans: Yes I have plans to make my master password secure by writing this on paper, I think this is the most secure way.

Q4: Do you know how to transfer your steem token to another steem user account?

Ans: Yes I know how to transfer tokens to another steem user account I need an Active key or owner Key or Master Key to transfer my tokens.

Transfer of tokens to another steem user account:
1: Go To Wallet and click on transfer and write the name of the user account and how many tokens you can to send and you can add a memo if you can in this example I have added memo too.


2: Now read the name of a user account is correct and the amount you want this correct then press send.


3: Now you need to sign a transaction using an Active Key or Owner Key or Master Key to transfer tokens.


Q5 Do you know how to power up your STEEM?

Ans: Yes I know how to power up My STEEM account:

Powering Up My STEEM Account:
1: Go to the wallet section and press the right menu in STEEM Balance you can see this option press POWER UP:


2: Now enter how much STEEM you want to power up


3: Now confrim this


3: Now you need to sign a transaction using an Active Key or Owner Key or Master Key to POWER UP.


Thank you for reading My Achievement 2 post

Here you can see my Achievement 1

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Congratulations !

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Nicely explained, great job!

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