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Hello Everyone,
How are you all. I hope everyone is well. I'm fine too. I am a new member steemit. And at the moment I want you all to support and help me so that I can work beautifully on steemit.

My Self:

My name is Farjana Akhter Soniya. My hive account name is @fasoniya. I live in Bangladesh. I live in Ward No. 9 of Jayalskar Union No. 8, Daganbhuna Upazila, Feni District, Chittagong Division My house name is Subahan Member House.


About My Studies:

I am currently studying in class 10. My school's name is Silonia High School. Before that I studied at Ceylon Government Primary School. Currently, the school is closed due to the corona virus.


My Family:

We have 5 members in our family.
My father is one of them
My mother is one
My two younger brothers
And I'm one


In all, there are five members in our family. Meanwhile, my father lives in a foreign country, the country he lives in is called Oman.

Mom does all the housework, one of the younger brothers goes to madrasa and the other goes to primary school. And I'm the eldest I'm currently studying in school


My Hobby:

My hobby is reading books. I love reading books. I like to read ghost stories. It's scary to read ghost stories but it's fun. I love listening to music. I like drawing. I like to take pictures. My favorite subject is mathematics.

Thanks And Regards
FA Soniya


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Hi @fasoniya, welcome to Steemit!

Can you please write today's date on the paper also so that I can verify you?

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I am really sorry for my mistake.
Thank you so much for inform me.

Have a great time on Steemit!

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Thank you so much for inviting Steemitblog .

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Hi @fasoniya,

🥳🥳 Welcome to Steemit!🎊🎊

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Hi, @fasoniya,

Your post has been supported by @sm-shagor from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Thank you so much for supported

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Welcome to Steemit dear!

Good to see you here. You have made good introduction post. I see that you love reading. Therefore, I invite you to join Steem Library where you can participate in book contests.

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thanks you so much

Welcome to steemit @fasoniya
Keep posting your skills here.
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