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Good evening handsome and beautiful steemians
I am so happy joining steemit. Had never known such a profit making app existed till some days ago when @ebuahsang1 called and explained everything to and gave me all the process in creating my own account. I am happy I am a part of this community and hope to do exploits like many others are doing and have been doing. I want to sincerely appreciate him for thinking that I could be a part of this.

I am Fonyong Ruth Mbiponyui the first child in a family of five, with lovely parents Mr/Mrs Fonyong. I am from the Northwest region of Cameroon and a native of Bangolan in Ndop. I am a holder of a Bachelor degree in Communication from the Advance School of Mass Communication Yaounde2.
I am a journalist and editor and passionate about creating content and why not editing them. Have never really been able to function with this kind of platform before because of fear and many other factors which draws me back even when I want to take a step. But I trust with the help from my coach I will be able to scare away fear and work towards achieving my goal.
Upon graduation in 2019, I volunteered for an agricultural audiovisual house Brexit Agric Consulting, I worked there as a communication officer, had to meet stakeholders in the agricultural sector and share our project with and if they were interested, they come in as sponsors. I was also a reporter in Info Tv for some time. And through these experiences gotten, I am sure that I will be able to cope with furnishing my account with good and education content which will go a long way to help every one on steemit.
Presently, I am working as a reporter and news presenter in Cam10 Tv. Apart from journalism, I also sell pastries( fishpie, chinchin, peanuts) and still in the process of learning cakes.
Thank you all for having me here. And I believe this is just the start of a wonderful and Successful journey for us all.