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Greetings to all my dear readers, nice to meet you again, hope you are doing well. Today I want explain how I understand curation and community to complete my achievement 6 task. So please stay tune by reading as I answer the following questions.

Do you understand how voting and curation works?


Yes I do. Votes is just like "likes" in Facebook, but in Steemit the difference is that voters are rewarded from steemit for voting a post, that is monetary reward distributed from the "reward pool".

The act of voting is known as curation, meaning i like a post, it's a quality post. So i vote the post.

The voting power depends on the Steem Power of a user, reward is distributed according to the Steem Power of each user, in other words the more steem power i have, the more reward i also have.


Votes are rated by a "power bar" called voting mana, just like a fully charged phone battery. Each user start with 100% voting mana and voting mana reduces by 2% each time i vote.

Screenshot_20210905-173136_1.pngmy voting mana from

The influence of the vote also reduce as voting mana reduces. That is to say 50% voting mana is 1/2 reward as compared to 100% voting mana. But the network recharges voting mana every day by 20%. So when my voting mana is low, it is good to wait until it is fully recharge.

Curation reward is received from voting a post, anytime the voted post pays out the reward, 50% goes to the author and 50% to the curators.

A curator with the highest steempower has the highest reward.

As a new user i can upvote and downvote with 100% voting strength, but once i have up to 500Sp, a vote slider will appear which i will use to casts a vote. With the slider i can adjust the weight of my vote to 100% voting strength in order not to affect my voting influence. See screenshot below


Every post has two arrows below, green and red arrow.
The green arrow is for upvoting, meaning that the post is a quality content, I like it so I click on the green arrow to upvote.
While the red is for downvoting, meaning i don't like the post may be it violates the rules of the community. So i click on the red arrow. But I noted that there is no reward for downvoting a post because it reduces the reward of the post/comment.


What happened if you vote a post before 5 minutes marks after posting?

Remember that curation reward is 50%
This reward is earn based on the time the voting was done.
If i vote a post before 5 minutes from the time the post was made, my reward will be less and the rest of the reward will remain in the reward pool
Therefore, i have to wait after 5 minutes from the time the post was made before voting on it. So that i can receive my complete 50% curation reward.

Check out time and reward from the table below

Time of postreward poolcuration reward
1 minute80%20%
2 minutes60%40%
3 minutes40%60%
4 minutes20%80%
5 minutes0%100%

Note that % here is that of the 50% curation reward

Who will you vote for Steem Witness ? and Why?

Steem witnesses are sets of people elected by the community to act as network's block producers for steemit and governance body. They use a mechanism called delegated proof of stake (DPOS). Each witness produce a new block every 3 seconds, then 21 witnesses produce 21 blocks every 63 seconds round.

Steem witnesses are rewarded with Steem Power for each block they produce. Each user account can vote up to 30 persons for steem witness depending on my Steem Power for more weight to push the witness up in rank of top 21 witnesses.

I will like to vote for

@justyy: as an active witness on the list. I love Steemyycom created by him to help steemians perform their task easily in steemit platform.

@steemchiller: also an active and hardworking witness who work constantly for the Blockchain to function properly. A creator of for easy access of accounts information, delegation etc.

@future.witness: another committed witness, fifth Witness in the list of witnesses.
They deserve my vote as witnesses because of their consensus effort in steemit platform

Which community will you join in Steemit, and why?

Newcomers: I appreciate steemit because of this community that train new users on what steemit is about.

SteemitCryptoAcademy: i joined this because of my passion for Crypto trading

Steemkids: I joined this community because I love kids, I love to help them bring out the talent in them.

Steem Health Care: I love this community because i love my health and also love to see my loved ones being healthy. I read a lot about natural way to be healthy.

SteemWomenClub: I joined this community because I am a woman who love fashion, decor, cooking, makeup, health care, etc and this community take the lead in those areas. It's been a lovely group to belong.

Promo Steem: I joined this community because i love steem and I want to promote steem.

Steemfoods: I joined this community because I love food, cooking and i want to learn from others.

I just choose to mention this few communities, I have already joined others, they are wonderful.

Special thanks to @cryptokannon for her wonderful job to enlighten new users, @ngoenyi, @zmoreno, my able instructor @madilyn02
I will not forget the person introduce me to steemit and my future crypto guardian @benton3 sir I greet you,

Thank you so very much everyone who assisted, read, voted, commented. I learned a lot from you. I am sure by God's grace to imitate you, work with you and encourage new ones who are coming onboard to this great platform.

I am most grateful to God Almighty for bringing me here.

Below is my achievement link

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Thank you, am grateful

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