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Hello Steemians,
I'm glad to write this post as I've accomplished all of my 6 Achievement tasks. All thanks to you people who supported me in all these tasks, and specifically to @cryptokannon who created this wonderful program for all newcomers. You will find a hyperlink to all of my tasks below:

Achievement 1 Task: Verification Through Introduction

    This was a post of introduction. I think it's a good idea to introduce ourselves before we start something on any forum. Your feedback and votes inspire me to put more effort into making my post even better. You can click here to check out my Introduction Post.

Achievement 2 Task: Basic Security on Steem

    I have to confess, I've never seen so much security on any website, with numerous security keys. At first, I was so frustrated with these keys, but after working on the 2nd post, I realized the use of each key and kept it secure in several locations. You can click here to check out my post on Basic Security on Steem.

Achievement 3 Task : Content Etiquette

    While working on this article, I've learned some interesting things about plagiarism and how to stop it. I think this is an important job for us. You can click here to check out the content mark of my 2nd entry. You can click here to check out my post on Content Etiquette.

Achievement 4 Task: Applying Markdown

    I enjoyed this activity because I have little knowledge of HTML coding that I can use and practice now. This task gives us the basic work of HTML coding that is required for us to post our regular posts. You can click here to check out my post on Applying Markdown.

Achievement 5 Tasks

  1. Achievement 5 Task 1: Review
    These tasks are different from previous tasks. Here, I came to know about the portal and its functionality. This is a very resourceful portal for all of us where we can use various resources to find out about our day-to-day transactions. You can click here to check out my post on Review

    1. Achievement 5 Task 2: Review

      I've come to know about the portal and its features. This is a very resourceful portal where we can find all the transactions that take place on the steemit of all users across the globe. In addition to these transactions, we can also find Witnesses, DApps, Dev Tools, Quick Conversion, & Steem Engine. You can click here to check out my post on Review

      1. Achievement 5 Task 3: Review

        I have come to know about the portal and its functionality. Unlike other portals, this also provides a variety of features on a personal level to understand your daily activity/transaction details with Blockchain Description, Block Explorer, Resources, Account Registration, Witness Servers, Node Status, API, & Bots tabs. You can click here to check out my post on Review

        1. Achievement 5 Task 4: Review

          This is a Blockchain database portal with a stunning, clean Interface. SteemDB is the home page of the Accounts, Posts, Witnesses, & Labs tabs. This portal will allow us to review recent history, various activities such as posts, votes, reblogs, replies, rewards, transfers of information. We can also check who's re-blogged our post, our followers, the users we're following, etc. You can click here to check out my post on Review

          Achievement 6 Task: Understanding Curation and Community

            It's also important that we learn more about the curation, rewards/payout structure on the Steemit. Mana function, allocation of rewards, calculation of rewards, the value of post-published time, witnesses, and how to vote them. You can click here to check out my post on Understanding Curation and Community.

          I feel good because I've learned a lot of new things by completing these tasks with all of you on this wonderful steemit platform. I would like to thank all of you for your support. I think this is a very good forum, unique to every other platform, to communicate and learn new knowledge. Looking forward to connecting with you all with my post and yours.

          Thank you!


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          Hi @ghostfacer99

          Ohh man you did a really great.

          You made great posts in all Achievement Tasks.

          Congrats on completing this Steemit Degree.

          Nice Posts from you.

          #onepercent #india #affable

           2 months ago 

          Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful platform. Thank you again!

           2 months ago 

          It's my pleasure, I am happy to see you on Steemit and I see you did very well. Hope you will find this blockchain platform that helps you.

          Increase activeness and start to participate in the various contest, Dairy Game, engage yourself with commenting, and vote on other posts.

          Thank you.

          #india #affable

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          Sure, will do!

          Congratulations !

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          Thank you!

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          Thank you!

          You have been upvoted by @sapwood A Country Representative from INDIA. I am voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers joining Steemit.

          Follow @steemitblog for the latest update on Steem Community and other writing challenges and contest such as The diary game Season 3, Better Life, etc. Also, keep engaging with others to win #onepercent & #twopercent votes.

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          Thank you!

          Congrats on completing all the achievement tasks!

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          Thank you!

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          Congratulation on completing all the achievements tasks. We hope that by going through this achievement program you have learned some basics knowledge on how steem ecosystem works and also some useful tools that you can use to help you track anything that going on with your steem account. Have a pleasant and prosperous journey on Steem blockchain and Steemit!

          steem greeters team.

           2 months ago 

          Thank you!