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The presentation of someone else's work as your own in order to earn money with or without concern by putting the work in your own way without full acknowledgement.
It includes all prints, whether published or unpublished, whether in manuscript or electronic form.
Plagiarism is the most dangerous aspect of steem. To gain more respect and rewards on steem, one must try as hard as he or she is capable of.

How is Plagiarism Punished

It has a lot of disadvantages, and once your work is identified, you will be asked to stop it for the first time, and if you do it again, the administrator has the audacity to mute you.
And because you're muted, no one can see or read your post, which tells you that whatever you're writing is a waste of your time and energy.

The Value of Plagiarism

Make sure to acknowledge your reliance on other people's work, ideas, and words in order to distinguish your work from other people's work.
By using your own business words and ideas, you can protect yourself from other people's sources while also gaining credibility for your own project.
Plagiarism goes beyond just text, if pictures that are downloaded from a different source are not cited correctly, it makes an article a plagiarised one.
Also, using texts and links from a different source without citing with the blockquotes makes an article a plagiarised one.
To avoid all these any copied content from external source should be indicated to make an article a plagiarism free article.

How can we avoid plagiarism?

1.Before publishing, run your analysis through a plagiarism checker.

  1. Cite your source
  2. Make sure you include quotations
  3. Paraphrase
  4. The ideas and words must be your own

How to remove plagiarism from your work

There are so many ways to write plagiarism free articles which we should all embrace, it is advisable to use plagiarism checker to check for the uniqueness of ones content before posting

In conclusion

Plagiarism is extremely dangerous in steem and all aspects of academia.
When writing a project, one must work harder to avoid plagiarism.
You try to avoid plagiarism in order to gain more respect and rewards from people on steem.
The most important thing you need to consider if you want to stay in steem for a long time and gain more knowledge is to avoid plagiarism.
I have read and understood the Steemit etiquette on Steemit Community and will do my best to embrace them.


Hi @governor1, nice attempt

But kindly revisit the post task guidelines and utilize some of the citation techniques including blockquotes, image sourcing and text sourcing.

Please do that so I can verify your post.

 8 months ago 

Okay thanks very much

 8 months ago 

Please am done with the task.

 8 months ago 

Please am I added this part to the work

 8 months ago 

OKay thanks

 7 months ago 

Pls I have updated the post

 7 months ago (edited)

Hi @governor1, good effort with this task.

Be sure to use the center markdown well so that you will only center the portion of your document you intend to.

This is done as follows;

<center>sentence you'd like to center</center>

 7 months ago 

Thanks very much

 7 months ago 

Please post updated

You have been verified for this task and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.

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