@hassanabid thank you for the kind words, please help us spread the news to any newcomers or steemian that you find eligible for this program😊

Surely will you help out Pakistani people as well because many of my friends showed interest in Joining but the problem they get is they need support of Powerful seniors You know new commers often get upset because they give their best but don't receive.

So let me know if its possible Surely i am going to get about 10-15 my friends here. Also they will provide their introduction and verification with their picture and other identity.

Have a look once you get free On steemit Pakistan ❤️ Your visit would be Appreciable and also motivation for many people.
Steemit Pakistan

@hassanabid hi! Everyone gets equal support here as long as they follow the program rules and guidelines.

I agree with you concerning to the rules and regulations i will take it on my own responsibility but i need a favor ( Support ) from you too.

Sorry for taking your precious time ❤️