Some Major/Important Points To Remember As a New Comer. (How to get Maximum Benefit From Achievements, Detailed Guidance)

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Hello everyone ! this is your Greeter hassanabid working here to verify each and every single Pakistani's

Initially we were getting around 6-10 people weekly which was very easy for Us (Greeters) To Help and guide them but now If we see the Stats of New Comers we would see around 100-150+ Users from Pakistan every week

However thats not just about Pakistan its increasing from all over the world and obviously its not easy for greeters to answer each and every single question so to make it Clear i am making this Post To help New Comers.

Every New Comer Should go through these !

First of All the Basic steps which everyone should follow is Following the Most Important Guide and Rules of Achievements

by @cryptokannon

It consists of Not only Achievement 1 Details but at the end you could see it consists of links of different Achievements which you all need to follow.


Now as mostly users would feel very exhausted while seeing they are getting very low Percentage upvotes and some of the people are getting higher upvotes why is that ?

Lets get started with the Achievement 1 !

First of all for achievement 1 the biggest and important part is your Creativity , Uniqueness and Most important Your Own Quality Content/Bio )

Following are some points/mistakes which Mostly users are doing causing them to get low Percentage Upvotes.

  • What we really are seeing is newcomers write just 1-2 paragraphs which is not sufficient obviously to get good percentage of upvotes. I would recommend you guys to write atleast 4-5 paragraphs including every single detail you can share about yourself !

  • The title image / First Image of the post is not clear or No Attraction over the written paper (One must try to make it stylish and creative ).

  • Not following the Exact Rules Like (Brief Intro Means Brief Intro) , Invalid Tags causing mess for greeters to search (Because we can't go through 1000's post ) tags help us getting directly to the post. (No tags No disclosure), Also in tags the Country Tag is very important as we have seen many posts which got ignored because the relevant Country Greeter couldn't see that post. How are we are the Greeters going to know which post is theirs responsibility. So tag has great importance.

  • First Impressions are the Last Impression so you have to make it more creative,interesting and Engaging.

  • The more You tell us about yourself the more easily we could judge your Orignality (Due to recent abuses done by many plagiarist). We Strictly keep our eyes on plagiarists. We have also Asked @endingplagiarism to help over it !

  • Style Copying gives bad impression to us ! obviously if you are just copy and pasting whole sample and editing it by just changing your name father name etc makes it pretty bad and doesn't show your own workings (it makes it suspicious for us as we can consider it as a single person using multiple accounts for reward farming).

  • Too Many Tags Don't Tag Steemit Team eg @steemcurator01 and others on Your Achievement , Try tagging Relevant people like Greeters. Though we try to reach to every single achievements but still we are human's not bots so kindly cooperate with us !.

  • We have limited votes Many of new Users think that we have unlimited upvotes (Every Account should maintain around 10 upvotes in order to get it recharge the other day). You can Check the status of @steemcurator03 through by @steemchiller

  • Lastly, Though images attracts every user but too less written work and too many images gives bad impression.

Same for other Achievements (You should make your work - Plagfree ).

I hope now you guys would Introduce your referrals with these basic points

Thanks to @belenguerra , @cryptokannon [Who made me Greeter of This Community]
All Country Representatives !
and All my Supporters !

Yours !

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 7 months ago 

Dear @hassanabid Sir thanks for guidance. Your write up is comprehensive. Appreciated 👏👏

 7 months ago 

Very well written and nicely explained.

newcomers write just 1-2 paragraphs which is not sufficient obviously to get good percentage of upvotes.

This is one of the most common mistake I have observed in past few weeks from Pakistani newcomers on Steemit. most of them are just writing 2 or 2 Paragrapghs in their achievement tasks as well as copying other users content and posts style.

I request everyone who is reading this comment to mention the newcomers on this post who are doing such mistakes in their achievement Tasks.

Yes even though i have seen people who are writing 1 line and adding picture than again 1 line one picture i mean how are we going to know about you !
Starting with hi hello greeting ending with thanks and in the middle they do these things 1 line 1 picture !

 7 months ago 

This is really a shameful act from those. Everyone here is coming on steemit through a reference. So, it's the duty of those People who brings new users on stesmit should guide those users properly before they make an achievement 1 post.

Exactly and all they do is just lie all those things over us , obviously we can't guide hundreds of people at a time , but still we try to do that :)

 7 months ago 

No doubt about the working of you guys. You people are doing your job perfectly and guiding the users through Google meetings, discord and whatsapp group.

 7 months ago 

Hello, can I ask how can I proceed to the next step? I am already done uploading my "Achievement #1". What should I do next?

 7 months ago 

Thank you so much for the guidance and information , it helped me a lot, i am very new here,

 7 months ago 

Great post!!

Thankyou so much belu can we pinned this ? So Newcomers could get idea of it :)

 7 months ago 

You should ask that to @cyptokannon my friend, but I think that this is also in her post recently updated:

Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 29/04/2021

Nope not there :)

 7 months ago 

Although the issue of errors is good for them to know, I would still tell you to ask Kannon about pinning it. 🌻

Thankyou ❤️ belu

 7 months ago 

You are welcome!

 7 months ago 

I did post about achievement3 but not recieved any attention.the link is here. Achievement 3 Task by @jahangeerkhanday CONTENT ETIQUETTE

It is a good guide and points out many of the points we look at when reviewing achievements.

Thanks for sharing it, it will be helpful: D

Exactly actually when the new comers dont follow these it gets very difficult..

 7 months ago 

Thankyou @hassanabid for the very best guidance in detailed but I read this after posting my introduction post. I am a new comer in the steemit and I have a query Do you tell me that how much it takes time for verification?

Sure it would take 1 week maximum and 1 day minimum ,
Usually we verify and curate at the same time ( if things are already done correctly ) otherwise we leave comment / suggestion and gets back once a person replies to us ! However as i have mentioned due to too many Achievements there are certain chances of Losing some Achievements :) but still we will give alternative upvote for that so no worries no panic ☺️✅

I hope i cleared your query..

 7 months ago 

@hassanabid thankyou so much for your guidance, I completely understood.

 7 months ago 

Very informative article @hassanabid ! I really appreciate your efforts and I'm thankful to you who brings me here and guided me so well

Thankyou so much ali abbass i wish you best of luck here.

 7 months ago 

Gracias amigo por esa informacion, estoy haciendo una presentacion para steemwomen y realmente pense sera que estoy escribiendo mucho o poco. esto me ayudo. porque quiero hacer mi trabajo bien en esta plataforma y cumpli las reglas

Ahh couldn't understand :(

 7 months ago 

Good post brother

It looks spammy comment kindly try to post relevant comments.

 7 months ago 

This is a helpful article and instructions to us . Thank you sir @hassanabid for this. I'm currently doing my acheivements gradually and I'm sure I will complete them. I followed you for more updates. Thanks

hola! Muchas gracias por el aporte, muy buena explicación, esto era justo lo que necesitaba! Lastima que la persona que me hablo de esta pagina no me explico exactamente que debía hacer antes de postear mi presentación (mi logro 1) :( la verdad me sentí muy perdido. Espero aprender y completar todos los logros. saludos...

 7 months ago 

gracias por este aporte, aunque llego a mi muy tarde :( pero dicen por alli nunca es tarde para aprender y no hay fracaso si pasas y aprendes de el.

 7 months ago 

I love this! Really enlightening. I wish i had read this article before posting my achievement 1 task. Thank you!

Thankyou so much no worries you can follow up in next Achievements :)

 7 months ago 

I definitely will

 7 months ago 

Thankx to sharing this good idea's

 7 months ago 

That was so helpful @hassanabid for new comers like my self i am really guided and vwry grateful fo you.

 7 months ago 

Hello, can I ask how can I proceed to the next step? I am already done uploading my "Achievement #1". What should I do next?

You can make your second Achievement which is Achievement 2

Here's the guide

 7 months ago 

Gracias por la información, muy clara.

 7 months ago 

Very helpful post especially to we newbies. Already done with my achievement1, but certainly this will help me in my subsequent achievements and other articles. Thank you

Feliz lunes .. gracias por la impirmacion verdaderamente importante para nosotros los recien llegadoss.. ando todavia algo extraviado jeje . Pero espero activarme comones en esta comunidad¡¡¡ saludos desde enezuela estado boliva¡

 7 months ago 

Respected sir @hassanabid
Plz check my intro post. Here is the link
And sir @hassanabid plz guide me.
Thank you

 6 months ago 

Very nice sir thank you for updateing

 6 months ago 

hello sir ,, I am a newcomer to Steemit, and I've introduced myself to Steemit. #Achievement 1.
please cc sir ...

Thank you

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