@ijebest ,this is my introductory post to steemit

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Good afternoon great people of steemit.
I appreciate being here, posting my very first note in this platform. I heard about steemit the very wonderful platform on a radio program Real Fm 99.1 in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. As our great leaders were teaching and explaining about the wonderful benefits and opportunities in steemit platform.
I picked interest and attended the seminar and was taught what the platform stand for and how they operate, I was convinced to join. I'm very interested to meet amazing and wonderful friends here and to make some connections too.
Hopefully, my stay here will be rewording exciting and enjoyable.

My name is Kathrine ijeoma Ndubueze, was born and raised up in Ohafia, in Ohafia local government Area of Abia State Nigeria. I'm happily married with 3 children, our children are blessed and being raised up by God on daily basis, they make I and my husband happy. We are a Christian family by practice.
Education: I obtained a BSC in human resources management from Lagos State University in Lagos State Nigeria. I was already married and nursing my son when I went to study at the University, I'm great full to my loving husband whom God used to make it possible.

I like trading, that is buying and
selling. I sell whatever I have well and fast, and God has been faithful that is to say I'm an entrepreneur, who turns every available opportunities into a rewording benefits. So this platform is an interesting accurate and on time.
Hobbies and interests: I like listening to the news that could be from radio, tv, or from the news papers and it was in the course of doing this that I came to hear about steemit from the radio as I said earlier on. I like planting seeds in the garden, because seeing seeds germinate from the ground and the tenderness of the plants makes me happy. Around my home I planted some things. I like reading interesting articles too, could be from the net and Bible the word of God for inspiration and directions per time, I sing as well, I also like winning souls for Christ because the Bible the word of God says,"He that winneth a soul is wise;

Honesty is a part of me, my mother raised myself and my siblings up on Godly principles, it's part of us. I can't stand lies, cheating, negative oppressions against the innocent, I love truth and cherish peace.
I really hope to learn a lot from my new friends here also want to contribute my own quoter for joining the steemit platform. I'm already introducing some people to join, for example, I told my son and his friends who are footballers about steemit they pick interest and promised to join soon.

I am greatful to @focusnow who assisted me in my introductory post and also greatful to @ninapenda for her help.

I'm thankful for your patience to read through, God bless you as we achieve greatness together in steemit platform. Thank you, from, Kathrine ijeoma Ndubueze.

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Hello @ijebest welcome to Steemit world.
Always post original and good quality work.

Congratulations on getting verified, I wish you best regards for next Achievement.

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Hey @ijebest
I'm @fiatht Welcome you to Steemit

First of all you have made a very good introductory post.

Firstly, to tell you Steemit is a block chain based where you can get rewards for sharing your daily life storys, photos, work, Diary game and your content such as Writing,your best day, Photography, diary games and many others.
it important for you to keep up with the achievement program post by @cryptokannon , from 1 to 6 in other to have a very successful staying here on steemit by completing these achievements you can learn how to use Steemit , like applying markdown , using wallet , use of key and all your account information. and also you will know what to do that will be beneficiary and what to avoid. you are highly welcome once again.

Welcome to the steemit family dear @ijebest I am pleased to have you join us here.
You have been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.”

To enjoy your experience here, it will be wise if you try and finish all your achievement posts in the @newcommers community, follow @steemitblog for #contest updates. Join communities like @steemitfoods for your food posts, and @steemalive for any other posts, @steemitnursery where you can write about any topic of your choice. There are still other communities you can join with time.

There is need to interact with your fellow steemians, therefore,
Join the African food lovers whatsapp and telegram group page here, we will put you through on how to make an acceptable posts in the communities.

you can also join Steemwomens whatsapp group heregroup where you can create conents about women

You can start with @thediarygame season 3 where you will tell us about your days activities.

Welcome ones more. If you follow the rules, the sky will be your starting point, you will steem to the moon and beyond,trust me. Love you dear

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Hi, @ijebest welcome to this amazing platform. I hope you'll get to learn much from Steemit.

I have gone through your introduction, you had introduced yourself very nicely.

Kindly avoid putting steemcurators or booming in your post.

Here you can get some basic information about further achievement posts by @cryptokannon.

Here's a link for the ongoing contests on Steemit. You can also explore many other communities according to your interest.

Follow @steemitblog to stay updated.
Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding any problem.

Best of luck with this new journey.

keep steeming.


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Welcome MA, @ijebest
You will not regret your stay here.

Do well to join communities.
Welcome once again....

Hi welcome to our community
Follow my link


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Hi, @ijebest,

Your post has been supported by @bright-obias from the Steem Greeter Team.

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Welcome @ijebest explore more on steemit its a lovely place to be and post nice content and avoid Plagiarism on here

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Welcome to Steemit!
Check out the communities and explore them!

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You are welcome dear. Enjoy your stay here