Achievement 1: MySelf Introduction | Your Local Releaser girl in Local Civil Registrar

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Hello, Newcommer's Community


Please accept my greetings and allow me to introduce myself to the members of this group.

My name is Irish B. Paquibot aka @irishpaquibot , a 33 years old from Soong Center, Barangay Mactan, Lapu-lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. I'm working in LGU Lapu-lapu City as Administrative Aid at LCR (Local Civil Registrar Office) for almost three and a half years.


I was born January 22 1988 originally in the City of Naga, Cebu, Sitio Kaiktay, Barangay Jaguimit. I am the tenth (10th) child among 11 siblings of my Parents Escolastico and Clemencia Bariquit. After graduated my secondary education, I pursue computer technology course and graduated last March of 2016. Being a working student is not easy for me, but life is essential to live for. You can not win if you don't fight or try. Only God knows what would my life be in the future. So be it, Life is like playing basketball. I am married with a handsome guy, my man and now my husband for almost 2 years now. Me and my husband were handicapped but we lived like a normal couple.




As a pwd member, it's not a hindrance to my self of doing something; like, cooking - cooking is one of my favorite hobbies because through cooking I can express my love to the kids in shelter especially to my husband. Tips on how to make your dishes yummy, always smile, put love, dance if you want.. I also love travel, travelling the whole universe is one of my bucketlist though it's hard to make it real but I know that God has a right plan for that, it's not right now but in the perfect time and a perfect place. Taking good care all the kids in the shelter is also one of my hobbies, I live here for almost a year. Aside my job in LCR as a releaser, I also love my job here in shelter. Taking good care of all the kids is one of my bucket list also. I want to pay back all the goodness of what has given to me. They have a lot of times that the kids had a fight but thanks God it's easier for us to make them calm. We teach them how good is our God and also the good moral and a right conduct so that if the right time come if they can live in thier self they can apply of what we thought them.


Don't worry I'll be write my love story to my next post . Anyway, this is my first time to join Steemit. I am Amazed to have my blog here, much enjoyed and I used to do it every time I am alone and free most of the time during my vacant schedules. I am a simple girl, lovable and sometimes serious during office meetings. I hope you'll enjoy reading my introduction. If you have questions, do not hesitate to leave a comments below.


Finally, I want to thank my colleague @marzyoung22 for always motivating me to write and who also introduce me to @juici and @cryptokannon.

Thanks for reading. Steem on!


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Hi @irishpaquibot welcome to steemit! One last thing is for you to change the date on your photo, it should be handwritten as well.

After changing it please notify me and I will verify your post right away. Just leave a reply or comment on my latest post so I can see it right away.

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Thanks you sir and I am done edited my blog

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I already done editing my entry sir, hope you will notice this once again @julstamban

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Welcome to Steemit Ma'am! We are glad you are here.

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Thank you gilbertthegreat

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Welcome to steemit mam @irishpaquibot there are a lot of communities you can join/subscribe in. There's steem foods, steemwomenclub, steem sea, steem school, steem geography, writings and reviews, promosteem, world of xpilar, steemit philippines, and a lot more. Enjoy steeming mam!

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Thank you @rosevillariasa

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Thank you ibrahim7869

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Welcome to steemit world mam

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Thank you liamnov

Hello @irishpaquibot,

🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸Welcome to Steemit🌺🌸🌺🌸🌺🌸

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Best regards,

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Thank you ghostfacer99 :)

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Welcome aboard mam, Im glad that you finally had your first achievement. Im the sis of @marzyoung22. Rest assured that you will enjoy here... For you to know more about steemit, just follow mam @cryptokannon's post because she will posting quality content that would be able to guide you throughout your steemit journey. Steem on!

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Yes very much thank you @kyrie1234 and @marzyoung22.

Hello, welcome to Steemite. If you add a few additions, your promotional summer will be better and we can approve you.
What are your hobbies?

Information on how he heard about Steemit.
This way your task can be confirmed.

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Thank you for the information maam. Done edited

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hi sir, @julstamban hope you could review this post

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Welcome to the steemit world @irishpaquibot ..

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Thank you!

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Welcome to the steemit family @irishpaquibot! Keep steeming!

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Thank you so much @traderpaw

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Welcome to Steemit @irishpaquibot. I hope you enjoy your stay here and see you around.

Hi @irishpaquibot, Welcome to Steemit Community! You have been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.

For further information on the next achievement task, you can visit the post of @cryptokannon here : Achievement 2 mentor by @cryptokannon : Basic Security on Steem

Always checked pinned posts and announcements in the Newcomers Community, you will learn a lot from there.

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