Newcomer introduction @jeremiahm

Hello guys it's Jeremiah here,

I'm currently working in the coffee industry. I'm greatly involved in educating coffee farmers on how they can maximize profits from their produce. This enables high-quality coffee beans that later brings great satisfaction to the customers.

I'm also involved with cancer ♋ teams in my community and it has enabled me to show love and lift the spirits of cancer patients.

I love nature and I'm very passionate about humanity. My hobbies are playing soccer, snooker and virtual exploring of the universe. (which I can afford at the moment 😂)

My good friend @faithilyn introduced me to steemit. I have been a sceptic of crypto...but oh my gosh I'm in love with steemit. Steemit has changed the social media game.

Since I love nature and passionate about humanity. My posts will be based on those topics. I'm positive this will help my fellow steeminians to have a sense of gratitude, develop self-love and feel good about themselves.

 7 months ago 

Hello friend @jeremiahm, I wish you the greatest success, from now on I encourage you to follow all the recommendations that the steemit team will place at your disposal, blessings.
Excellent work with coffee and sports.
#affable #venezuela

Thank you so much @yancar . hope Venezuela is treating you well. Send you love ❤️ from #uganda

 7 months ago 

Nice one Jeremiah

Hoping to use your format when trying my achievement post!

You have been curated by @yohan2on, a country representative (Uganda) and a member of the SteemPOD team. We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Keep creating good content on Steemit.

Always follow @ steemitblog for updates on steemit

 7 months ago 

Welcome onboard bross. Hope you enjoy your stay. Keep on steeming

 7 months ago 

Welcome to the Steemit world..

 7 months ago 

Bienvenido a esta interesante plataforma esperemos que bien que seas aficionado al futbol y ames la naturaleza acá puedes desarrollarte y además aprender mucho mas te deseo mucha suerte

Welcome @jeremiahm. Wish you good luck.

 7 months ago 

Hi, @jeremiahm welcome to this amazing platform. I hope you'll get to learn much from Steemit.
I have gone through your introduction, you had introduced yourself very nicely.

Here you can get some basic information about further achievement posts by @cryptokannon.

Here's a link for the ongoing contests on Steemit.

Follow @steemitblog to stay updated.
Don’t hesitate to ask anything regarding any problem.

keep steeming:)

 7 months ago 

Welcome to Steemit @jeremiahm , keep up the good work in your country and Steemit, cheers!

Hi welcome to our community
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