Achievement 1: INTRODUCING MYSELF | @jesmilingirlover | May 11,2021

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Hi everyone

I am a member of this platform way back 2018 but wasn't that active due to school and was busy.


So let me introduce myself again. My name is Erica B. Garciso 20 years old living in the Philippines. A 2nd year students in Lapu-Lapu City College taking a course of Bachelor in Science of Tourism management. Aside from school, I am a working student so I need to do time management of my work and for my school.



To spend my leisure time, I usually go biking, play with baby cousins and meet with friends and most of it Just like spending time with my family.


We used to make different types of bonding together before pandemic and that gives more happiness for us.




As a "beginner" like in steemit, I would like to say thank you to my family who's very active jn steemit activities especially to our community and that encourage me more to come back and have more time.

From the depth of my heart , I wanna say thank you to supporters and hard workers steemians because of this platform they allow me express myself in different ways especially though writing. I believe that I am going to learn and also improve my writing skills and communication with other people from different cultures.

I would like to thank my steemit famil especially to my aunt @georgie84 for helping and encouraging me and everyone in the family to be more active and engaging in the community
Truly yours



Welcome to Steemit Community! You have been verified and you may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience.

For further information on the next achievement task, you can visit the post of @cryptokannon here : Achievement 2 mentor by @cryptokannon : Basic Security on Steem

Always checked pinned posts and announcements in the Newcomers Community, you will learn a lot from there.

I invite you to also join Steemit Philippines Community.

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