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Hello Everyone!
First, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to be in this community and it will be my pleasure to introduce myself. I'm not really good at english but I'll do my best for you to understand me.

I am Judy Ann Mabunay, 24 years old, I live in Queen City of The south - Cebu Philippines.



I want to tell you a little about my family. My family is quite large. My mother's name is Yolanda Mabunay and my father's name is Antonio Mabunay. There are eight of us in the family and I am the only girl among the thorns.


Hobbies, Talent, Likes

Way back in high school, I was a member of our dance group. I joined Sinulog Mardegra and was able represent my hometown as their festival queen.


Lately, I've been into cycling. I was inspired with my brothers.


I used to play volleyball too.😚


I also love cooking for my family. I used to sell shawarma to my friends and neighbors


To sum it up, I am a strong independent woman who loves to seek adventure. I love being with my family and to inspire others.

I would like to thank my brother @ikur14 for introducing me to this platform.

Thanks for your time! 😉


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Hey @judylynne
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Thank you so much 🙂

Bienvenida a Steemit, imagino que por ser la unica mujer entre los hermanos eres la mas fuerte de todas.

saludos desde Venezuela y mucho exito.

Selamat bergabung di komunitas steemit

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Welcome to steemit! Have fun! 😊

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Bienvenida amiga excelente post...

Welcome to join steemit, together @ judylynne22 and our steemit is growing

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Thank you so much

Welcome to #steemit @judylynne22. Keep on steeming!

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Thank you so much

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Bienvenida bendiciones

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Nice this post

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Your introduction post is very well and your hobbies and cycling spirit is good.
Keep it up

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Thank you ☺️

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Una cordial bienvenida!

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felicidades por su primer logro.!!!

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Hola y bienvenida a Steemit espero que te guste esta comunidad

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Hello dear @judylynne22 welcome to the best platform on social media. Your photos are clean and nice. You are ofcours a strong and independent lady. I like shawarma even though I've never gotten to eat it. The pictures of you and your family is wonderful and united. Well, there are many exciting activities on steemit that you would love and do. Explore communities and start blogging. Consistency Is the key. While exploring the communities, try to see your other acheivements to know more about the platform. Study your keys and do not expose them . Read the other acheivements even if you're not doing them now to know things that wills give you a good reputation on the platform like avoiding plagiarism and other things . Trust me you will love the platform. Do not Give up, be consistent, we win together and see you at the top.GOD bless you.

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Thank you

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Gran presentacion igual que tu soy nueva, bienvenida

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Good nice introduction.

Hello, I am glad that daghan nata cebuano sa steemit world. I admire you for being an athletic coz me, i don't have any sports nga Keep being a good daughter and sister. Welcome to the community.

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Daghang Salamat

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What a nice post and welcome darling to steemit.

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Such a great introduction. Your family is so good. your hobby to play volleyball such a good one and most of the cooking for family i like the most. Wellcome and keep it up.

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Hi welcome to our community
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Welcome to this wonderfull plataform :)